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How To: Arrange Furniture In Your Home

Smart furniture arrangement can convert a boring, old space into something fresh and new. When it comes to furniture arrangement, most of us are guilty of playing it safe or trying to get the

Spooky Sights: The Strangest Eye Contact Lenses Ever Seen

For most people who wear contact lenses, there is nothing out of the ordinary about their daily vision correction routine. But within the last decade, there have been many advancements in contact lens technology

3 Proposal Ideas That Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet

If you are ready to commit to your girlfriend for the rest of your life, it is important to determine the best way to propose. After all, anyone can get down on one knee,

How to get rid of a hickey ?

First and foremost, we need to understand what exactly hickey is? A hickey is love bite or a symbol of passionate night that might often lead to embarrassment. Doctors have named love bite differently.

The Ins and Outs Of Traveling With A Child Who Has A Medical Condition

Living with a child who has a medical condition can be difficult enough on a day-to-day basis, but traveling—and all its accompanying challenges—is especially intimidating. You have to make sure your child arrives at

Kissing Like A Pro: 5 Essential Tips

When it comes to kissing, there is always a right way and wrong way. A first kiss can either propel a relationship to move forward, or cause it to stop dead in the water.

How To Maintain A Relationship While Serving Overseas

Whether your loved one is in the military or they’re doing independent contractor work overseas, making a long distance relationship work can be difficult. Both parties need to learn how to exist independently in

Identifying The Underlying Reasons Of An Addiction

Effective addiction therapies consist of numerous important building blocks. One of them is helping the patients understand why they started using their drug. It’s useful to confront them with a list of questions. First

Top Tips On How To Sleep In The Heat

In the UK we spend most of the year complaining about the cold and wet weather only to complain even more when the good stuff arrives. One of the most common bugbears is the

A Clearer Home For A Clearer Mental State

If you’re the kind of person who feels frequently stressed or has a cluttered mental state, it could be down to your surrounding area rather than something emotional. Being surrounded by mess or having