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6 Risks Of Using Illegal Drugs During Pregnancy

Many women are aware there is some sort of risk while doing illegal drugs during pregnancy. What some might not realize, however, just how horrible some of those risk actually are. Some women who

The Difference Between The Rubber Wood and The Oak Wood

Although there is only one difference for the name of the rubber wood and oak wood, it has huge difference in the price. tells you the specific difference of the rubber wood and oak wood.

Bathroom Remodel: How To Choose Tile, Toilet, Cabinet For Bathroom

Bathroom is no longer dark, moist place with odor. It can be bright, clean as other rooms in our home. The key is choosing the right construction material and furniture for it. Tile: When choosing tile

Feng Shui Tips For Living Room Furniture

Feng shui tips for sofa placement: sofa should put against wall, this means having no worries in the feng shui. If the sofa is placed against window, door, or passage, there is no wall in the

The Size Summary For Kids Chair

Your baby is growing bigger and wanting to play with you. Are you ready to take him outside for trip? If so, you have to prepare a good kid’s chair. Melodyhome introduce you one for

When You Think You’ve Tried It All: 5 Effective Options For More Healthy Skin

With the numerous products and ingredients you can find for skin care, it can be a daunting, and expensive, task to find what works for you. You can control acne, dry or oil skin,

Ways To Keep Your Shoe Cabinet Clean and Fresh

In many houses, the shoe cabinet is placed at the gate of the living room. Normally, it shoulders the burden of placing shoes as well as cats and dogs. There are keys, invoices etc. while

Smart Decisions: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home

Buying a home is an exciting life experience, but many first time buyers (and even seasoned ones) make mistakes. Avoid these five common mistakes to feel more confident about your purchase in the short

Rescue Your “Hopeless” Marriage

Marriage is of course not always easy, but with hard work and commitment come immeasurable rewards. Below are some simple yet powerful strategies for sustaining a long and successful marriage. Identify the Issues If

5 Keys To Keeping Your Children Safe In Cars

Before you find the quickest shortcut to your destination, or dodge reckless drivers, consider how safe your child is in the car. Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any buyer. There are