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The Rising Popularity of Hair Extensions

Just about everywhere you look in Hollywood, you’ll see gorgeous stars with ever-changing hairstyles.  One day they will have long, luxurious locks and the next, tussled tresses that drape their elegant red carpet gowns. 

Learn To Love Your Body With Positive Thoughts?

There is usually something that a person can’t stand about their own body. Whether it is big feet, sticky outty ears, spots or blemishes we could all benefit from learning a few techniques to

Tips To Rectify Milky, Cloudy and Foamy Water In Hot Tubs

Most people love to use Masterspa hot tubs as it is luxurious, comfortable and designed with latest technological features. However, all hot tubs are susceptible to certain problems and technical issues. One of the

How to maintain optimal health with exercises

Why should I do exercise? Well, this question might arise in your mind if someone recommends you to do it. The first and foremost reason for doing exercises is to get a healthy and

How To Find The Right Contact Lens For Your Eyes

Deciding to make the switch from eye glasses to contacts may be an easy one – contacts offer convenience and you won’t have to risk scratching or breaking an expensive pair of eye glasses

Dressing Your Teddy To Impress

One of the main things kids are good at is coming up with imaginary scenarios. These usually involve themselves, their friends and/or their dolls and teddies. One of the biggest things to hit the

How Hardener/Densifiers Stop Dusting On Concrete Floors

Sweeping the concrete flooring can sometimes be a tough task as there is always more dust to be cleaned. Making for a tedious and dull task to accomplish, the job of floor cleaning appears

Tips for building a great modeling portfolio

A model’s career depends on her/his portfolio; it is a physical proof of her/his mettle and hence can make it or break it for any potential model. In a portfolio not only does one

On Trend Bridesmaid Dress Tips and Ideas

Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be just as stressful as finding a wedding dress, and the fun of dress shopping can become mind-numbingly difficult if you have fussy bridesmaids or a demanding bride. However, finding

Did You Know?: Historical and Entertaining Christmas Facts

So here we have for you a few interesting facts relating to how the tradition of Christmas has changed over the years. Some are truly eye opening and some are perhaps a little more