10 Steps To Launch A Successful Medical Fundraiser

There are many medical fundraisers out there. It is important, therefore, to make your fundraiser stand out from the pack. In this post, we’ve covered the top ten steps to launch a successful medical fundraiser, for your benefit.

Determine a Fundraising Goal

What amount of money do you plan to raise with your fundraising? Remember, once the fundraiser is closed, you cannot go back and ask for more. The momentum will be gone. So determine the total amount for the medical purpose plus incidentals, expenses and so on.

Create An Expense Budget

Every fundraising effort involves some expenditure, even if you use free tools. Create a budget list of your expenses – fuel, food, phone calls and event costs such as space rental, entertainment and so on. Add this amount to your fundraising goal. Add a buffer for unforeseen expenses.

Determine Team Members

Put together a team and determine who’ll be the team lead. Assign roles and responsibilities to each person, such as publicity, page maintenance, and social media follow-up and so on. Make sure you all meet up regularly and share updates.

Sign Up With A Host Committee

Approach local business leaders, wealthy donors and non-profit organizations and create a host committee out of willing members. The members of your host committee will have to contribute substantial amounts and also encourage others to do the same.

Know Your Target Audience

Who is likely to respond to your fundraiser? For example, if you’re raising funds for a child suffering 3rd stage cancer, you can get the most sympathy from parents of kids. Identify your most sympathetic target audience based on your medical emergency.

Choose The Right Fundraising Site

Choose the medical fundraising site that is correct for you and create an appealing profile. You want to make sure that people are able to go through your page and locate the Donate Now button easily. Be descriptive but don’t go text heavy.

Use Imagery And Videos

Put up pictures of the patient before and after the he or she was afflicted, so that people can see what they’re donating for. Put together a video interview of the patient, or if the patient is unable to speak, do coverage of the hospital or care room.

Promote Your Fundraiser

Create a Facebook event for 24 hours to gain support and to bring some traffic to your fundraising site. Use various social networks to your advantage. Expand your network to include the networks of your inner circle and supporters.

Market Aggressively

Be aggressive in your marketing strategy – that’s how you will get the attention of big donors. Try everything from interviews on the local TV and radio stations, flyers on every tree, coverage at church, public events, Ads, direct mail and so on.

Update Supporters

Use videos, text updates, SMSes, FaceBook updates and even emails to let people know the progress of the fundraiser.  Keep them updated on how many people have donated, how much you’ve made so far, how close are you to the goal and so on.


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