10 Tips For Your Safety When Driving Cross Country

Get out there. Go on a road trip. See America! A few thoughts many of us have, but are reluctant to really make the commitment. If you’ve though about it long enough and have the patience and time to go on a road trip across the country, you know you will experience amazing sites and have an incredible story to tell. However, with driving comes the need for safety. Here are 10 great safety tips when driving across the country.
10 Tips For Your Safety When Driving Cross Country
1. Know The Style Of Travel You Like
Make sure you figure out just how you want to explore the nation. Will you need an itinerary? Do you want to go completely improvisational with only a handful of cash in your pockets? It will organize ideas and limit frustrations if you expect the worst.

2. Have A Map 
While you may love to do things by the seat of your pants, you will still need to know where you are going. One way to see where you are going is with a good, old fashioned map. You will be able to get your bearings on the open road and see where the nearest expressway is. A map will always point you in the right direction.

3. Make Overnight Stays In Advance 
If you are traveling across the country, you will not be doing it in a few hours. This will take you days. If you aren’t willing to sleep in your car, you ar going to want to stay at a hotel, or a motel for the evening. Know where these locations are. Make arrangements ahead of time so you can properly check in when you arrive.

4. Research The Attractions You Will See 
Give yourself an idea of what you will see, where it is and why it’s important to see. This will help keep you on track and give you an idea exactly where you are. Tourist attractions are also heavily populated and may have motels and gas stations for added convenience.

5. Have A Budget 
This will allow you to keep track of your finances and leave room for some emergency money if anything goes awry.

6. Pack With A Plan In Mind 
Make sure you have any emergency essentials with you while you are packing your clothes and cameras. Have a first aid kit, some water bottles and maybe a small fire extinguisher.

7. Make Your Vehicle Comfortable

Give your seats some extra padding. Or maybe have it maintained before you go, such as, get the oil changes, or install new tires or brakes. It’s going to be a long trip.

8. Pack A Cooler For Emergency Food
It may be a long while between stops, so make a few sandwiches for a quick meal fix.

9. Let People Know Of Your Travel Plans
Inform relatives or friends of your trip so they know when you are leaving and when you expect to return.

10. Stay Calm, Always
The trip can be an amazing experience, but you are bound to have a few bumps along the way. Stay calm and collected throughout your trip and you will be able to take on anything.

Alice Husak is a retired car safety engineer and enjoys sharing his years of knowledge with others. You can find more car safety advice by visiting seriousaccidents.com.