10 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy

Good mental health is as important as good physical health.  In fact, those with good emotional health are less at risk for life threatening diseases and they have a longer potential lifespan.  Fortunately, there are simple ways to stay mentally healthy.  Try them today and notice a difference in your life.
10 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy
1 – Make Friends
First, it is important to have friends and connections that bring you happiness and build your self-esteem. Relationships of all kinds allow people to have a support system in life.  In addition, they also add make life more fulfilling.  Too much time alone can be discouraging and it can contribute to the development of psychological illnesses including depression and anxiety.  Therefore, make some new friends.  Or, plan to spend more time with the ones you already have.

2 – Have Fun
Having fun in life is also a great way to improve your outlook on life.  Make time for activities that bring you joy.  Also, do not be afraid to be spontaneous and do something creative and different.  A variety of activities can bring you happiness and fulfillment including the following:

  • Reading a book
  • Sewing a quilt
  • Drawing pictures
  • Playing with your pets or children
  • Taking a walk
  • Doing a crossword puzzle
  • Baking a dessert

3 – Volunteer
It is also recommended to volunteer.  Service allows people to forget about their own problems and to focus on others.  In doing so, mental health increases.  Fortunately, there are several different volunteer opportunities.  You can help a neighbor, serve at a hospital, volunteer with your community and more.

4 – Share Your Talents
Also, make an effort to share your talents with others.  It is emotionally beneficial to be able to offer knowledge and support to others.  Everyone is good at something.  If you are a great cleaner, help your neighbor to succeed in their cleaning endeavors.  If you like to bake, share what you make with friends and family.  There is a lot of fulfillment to be found when you use your talents for good.

5 – Care For Yourself
Good mental health is also achieved when you take proper care of yourself.  Make an effort to eat well and to exercise.  These activities will not only benefit your physical health, but they will also enhance your appearance and self worth.  Additionally, it is important to visit the doctor regularly.  This can minimize anxiety and fears about your health.

6 – Manage Your Stress
Stress is a leading cause to mental health problems.  Since it cannot always be avoided, it is important to manage it.  Try to understand what can trigger your stress.  This can help you manage stress that may come and react better.  Also, if you are particularly stressed, try to take advantage of stress relieving activities like yoga and meditation.

7 – Accept New Challenges And Opportunities
New challenges and opportunities can be overwhelming.  However, they can also greatly enhance your mental health and self-esteem.  Take advantage of them.  They will bring added fulfillment and joy to your life.  Take on a new role at work.  Try a new recipe.  Introduce yourself to someone new.  All of these activities can help you set goals and increase your confidence.

8 – Rest
It is also important that you get the proper rest that your body needs.  Try to develop good sleeping habits.  When you sleep, your mind and body are restored.  If you are fatigued, you are not always mentally strong and it can be difficult to accomplish what is needed in life.

9 – Live In The Moment
Furthermore, try to live in the moment.  Too many emotional problems result from worrying about the future and regretting the past.  It is important to understand that these elements are largely out of your control.  However, you do have control over today.  Live for it, and make the most of it.

10 – Ask For Help
Finally, stop assuming that you need to do everything on your own.  Many of your friends and family will be happy to lend a helping hand.  All you need to do is ask.  Also, if you are struggling mentally, ask for help from a doctor or counselor.  It is always better to confront mental health issues than to assume they do not exist.

When you are mentally healthy, you life expectancy grows and you will look and feel younger.  In addition, you will also be less at risk for serious illnesses.  Therefore, make your mental health a priority and try some of these suggestions to improve your emotional wellbeing.

By Lawrence Reaves who is trying to stay mentally healthy while also keeping an eye on being physically wealthy.