12 Most Surprising Facts About Your Teeth

When you think about your teeth, you most likely don’t think that they’re very exciting. However, your teeth are a lot more interesting than you probably think they are. Here are some surprising facts that you may not know about your teeth:

1. Your teeth start to form before you’re even born. 

Baby teeth, also known as milk teeth, may not break through until a baby is 6-12 months old, but they actually begin to form in the womb.

2. You have four different types of teeth and they all have different jobs.

Incisors are used to bite into food, canines are for ripping and tearing food apart, and both premolars and molars have the responsibility of chewing and grinding food.

3. Your teeth are your mouth’s fingerprints. 

No two sets of teeth are alike; they are as unique as fingerprints. They’re yours and only yours!

4. Tooth enamel is hardcore. 

Your teeth may be little, but the enamel on their top surface is the hardest substance in your body. Despite this feat, the enamel can still break easily, so be nice to your teeth.

12 Most Surprising Facts About Your Teeth

5. The way you treat your teeth can affect your overall health. 

According to Edgewood Dental Care Family Dentistry, poor oral hygiene has been linked to several other diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. In fact, studies have shown that people who have serious gum disease are 40 percent more likely to also have a chronic health condition.

6. There’s a life hack for losing a tooth. 

If your tooth gets knocked out, you can help it survive longer by putting it in either milk or coconut water until you can get to a dentist (but get to a dentist immediately).

7. Your smile is important.

50 percent of respondents in a survey by the American Academy of Periodontology said that the first feature they notice about someone else is their smile, so make sure you take care of that smile!

8. During your lifetime, you’ll spend more than one month brushing your teeth. 

The average person reportedly spends about 38.5 days brushing their teeth over the course of their lifetime.

9. There’s a lot of bacteria in your mouth. 

You know that plaque that builds up on your teeth? More than 300 different species of bacteria call it home. Yuck!

10. Playing sports can be bad for your teeth. 

Sports-related injuries are responsible for an estimated missing teeth every year. If you’re playing any contact sport, be sure to wear a mouth guard.

11. Only two-thirds of a tooth are visible. 

One-third of a tooth remains hidden under the gums.

12. Americans spend more money on their hair than on their teeth each year. 

Americans reportedly spend an average of $100 billion on hair care products per year, but only $2 billion on dental care products.

As you can see, your teeth are more than just tools for eating and smiling. They’re actually a pretty cool, unique part of you. Take care of your teeth so you can have them for a long time.