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Staging and Selling a Home While Caring for a Family

On those happy real estate shows, an open house goes off without a hitch. There’s only one problem. Many people continue to live in their home until it sells. If you’re a parent, it

6 Simple Things Homeowners Should Know How to Do

When it comes to major household repairs, you’re probably better off leaving big jobs to an expert, but there are plenty of small fixes you can do by yourself to save money and time.

7 Critical Nutrients Every Woman Should Have in Her Diet

The nutritional needs of young girls are practically the same as for young boys. However, once a girl reaches adolescence, her body begins to change in ways that necessitate closer attention to the nutrients

Gestational Diabetes Diet: Sample menu diately to control the level of blood sugar

There is no greater gift for a mother than the joy of giving birth to a healthy child. But sometimes, for some pregnant women, the joy of pregnancy can be overshadowed by the possibility

From Handbags to Heels: 4 Fashion Rules to Enhance Your Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, but there’s a fine line between these two outcomes. Since you spend a lot of time and money finding the perfect clothes, you don’t want to ruin

Live Near an Airport? You May Need to Soundproof Your Home

There is nothing quite like the noise of a busy airport. Unfortunately, many homeowners are subject to that noise day and night, even when they are in their homes. Noise disturbances can disrupt the

Safety Tips and Concerns for the Woman Truck Driver

If you ask the average person to envision a truck driver, they probably imagine a slightly slimmer version of Santa Claus with a trucker hat, or maybe a younger man in plaid. The probably

Brightening Your Smile Professionally – Why It’s Better Than OTC Treatments

More and more individuals understand the importance of a movie star smile.  The smile is the first thing that gets noticed about a person and sets the pace for the first impression.  A good

New York City Walking Tours: Enjoy It Today

“A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.” Vacations give us pleasant and wonderful memories that are made unforgettable as the time flows by. But today,

Are Your Children Spending Too Much Time with Electronics?

The good news is that video game access is down among children, but tablet and smartphone usage is up. Some parents may question whether or not that’s a bad thing. After all, there are