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Top 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

Have you ever found yourself lying awake at night and wondering why you can’t sleep? Every tick of your clock brings you closer to morning, and you try desperately to sleep because you know

A Cave To Rave About – Building A Hideaway That Won’t Break The Bank

Here in rural West Virginia neighbors within walking distance are few and far between. It’s a big change from when I was growing up in the suburbs, where the houses all look the same

Look Your Best Behind the Desk: 4 Ways to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe for Work

Working a nine to five can be a drag, but the look good, feel good mentality can definitely help you work through the grind. Well, that and a good cup of coffee. If your

Top travel groups for senior women

Senior travelers, especially senior women, may want help when planning or organizing international travel. Guided travel from groups oriented toward senior trips offer group travel where all of the small details are taken care

How to Become More Financially Aware

Many women want to become more financially aware and understand more about the way that market forces work, about how to make the most of their money, and about what is going on in

Struggle and Triumph: Personal Stories of Resilience and Beauty in a Difficult World

The human experience is at once both difficult and inspiring. Stories that capture the astounding tale of a person or people who struggle, tirelessly, unwaveringly, to find themselves, overcome opposition and discrimination, and lead

How To Make Your Own Eye Candy Dog Collar

Indeed, shopping a pre-made delightful dog collar is too expensive. But it doesn’t stop others from buying the best for their pets especially dogs. On the other hand, if you want to be creative and stylish, with your artistic mind,

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint (And Saving Money): Five Easy Steps

   Reduce, Reuse, Recycle It is becoming more and more common to hear words like “sustainability” and “carbon emissions” used in the media, in politics, and even in consumer advertising. We’ve all seen ads

The Meaning of Baptism

Catholic gifts are a great way to celebrate a baptism. The same way that people celebrate the birth of a child, friends and close family will celebrate the “second birth” of a child into the church. Baptism serves as a second birth, a spiritual birth. This is very important for