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Ready For Spring Cleaning? 7 Tips To Clean Your Home

The weather is gradually warming up and it’s time to invest in spring cleaning. You may not have hours to dedicate to scrubbing the home, but the good news is that you don’t have

Considering Divorce? 4 Financial Assets You Don’t Want To Forget About

For most couples, divorce is initially not an option. However, according to the United States Census Bureau, 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. When this happens, there are always questions as to who

5 Facial Beauty Tips That Can Help Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is empowering and beautiful. If your confidence could use a boost, use these five tips to make sure you are putting your best face forward. 1. Protect Your Skin The first way to

4 Family Heirlooms You Never Want To Lose

Quantifying the value of family heirlooms is difficult if not impossible to do. Since they’re virtually irreplaceable, most families go to extraordinary lengths to protect them from loss or damage. While heirlooms can take

6 Steps To A Healthy Septic System

Septic system problems can be expensive to repair and can be quite disruptive to the lives of those living in the home. However, the good news is that by following a few simple steps,

5 Creative Tips To Celebrate Your One Year Dating Anniversary

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with celebrating an anniversary with dinner or flowers, but wouldn’t you like to do something a little more creative? After all, if you think your partner is extraordinary, perhaps you

To Book or Host? Choosing A Reception Venue That Best Fits Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, a fair amount of your time and your energy should go into the reception. While people will “ooh” and “ah” over the wedding venue, a great reception can

Four Ways to Significantly Reduce Your Wedding Expenses

Is there a wedding in your future? If so, and you have started planning and creating a budget, then you probably know how expensive a wedding can get. There are some details that you

How To Be A Good Sports Mom (And Enjoy It)

Whether you’re a mother of one or if you have an entire brood with you each time you head to a local sports game, being a good sports mom and enjoying it is possible

3 Things You Should Start Saving For The Moment Your Child Is Born

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most exciting and emotional experiences a couple can go through. Along with the task of raising and disciplining a child comes the responsibility of