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Samsung Galaxy S7: The Record Setter Of 2016

Samsung gradually moving towards the crown of the smartphone manufactures, however, in the past few years its performance was great and you could judge this by seeing the number of launched smartphones in the

Easy Dinner Prep – 5 Dinners That You Can Prepare and Make In No Time

Busy people need easy dinners they can prepare quickly or as a “do ahead.” One important tip is to keep certain ingredients on hand, enough to prepare a full week of meals. Here are

All About Alternative Medicine

Herbal medicine is becoming extremely popular amongst those looking to use more natural substances to aid the relief of their long term or short term health issues. Herbal medicine can come in the form

4 Nutritious Packed Lunches That Your Kids Will Actually Eat

If you’re like so many parents, you’re probably concerned that your child isn’t eating a healthy diet while he or she is at school. With the wide availability of lunchroom vending machines and the

Search and Get Alerts On

Housing is a real estate portal that allows end users to find verified property listings. The portal was created by its founders when they could not find verified property listings online. The makers have

Strategies For Making Your Home Safer and More Kid-Friendly

One of your greatest and most important responsibilities as a parent is to ensure that your children are safe, and particularly in your own home. Kid-proofing a home can be a challenge, as sometimes

How To Make Animated GIF Videos

GIFs are a great way to spice up your otherwise plain videos. If you are looking to add on some edgy comic feel to your video, animated GIFs would be a much loved choice.

4 Essential Back-To-School Checkups To Get Your Kids

Prior to the start of a new school year or semester, start the journey off with a solid plan for a healthier, happier and a better school year for your child. Children are valuable

Multi-dimensional Treatment Of Botox

The medical sector has made great strides in the recent times with fascinating inventions, in keeping with both gender and age, taking place almost every other day. Such inventions and research works address both

7 Health Benefits Of Using Soft Water

Soft water removes calcium and other minerals. Soft water is useful in cleaning clothes as it effectively allows laundry detergent to work inside clothing fibers to release ground in dirt and other stains. However,