3 Celebrity Tips For Kicking The Habit In 2014

It’s hard to give up smoking normally, never mind having to give up smoking in the public eye. However, there are some celebs who have shown everyone how it’s done and kicked the habit, in true style. We’ve picked our favourite celebrity cigarette quitters and the methods they chose to give up.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Cold Turkey

Believe it or not, Gwyneth Paltrow used to smoke around 40 cigarettes a day, despite her healthy ‘girl next door’ image. Now, she smokes nothing, not even a roll up. How? By going cold turkey. One of the most difficult methods of giving up smoking, yet Gwyneth pulled it off like a pro. She used her healthy living attitude to put herself in the mindset and shut herself away from the cravings. If you want to give up like Gwyneth then you need pure determination and probably about a week off work, whilst you get used to the cravings. This beautiful celeb looks so much better without a cigarette in her hand! Cold turkey is one of the hardest methods, but you’ll begin to feel the results within 24 hours. If you’re struggling then talk to the NHS about different counselling options that can help you get rid of the tension that comes with cravings.

3 Celebrity Tips For Kicking The Habit In 2014

Katherine Heigl – Electronic Cigarettes

Back in 2010 Katherine Heigl confessed to fashion magazine, Parade, that she was using electronic cigarettes to help her give up smoking. Now, she’s smoke free and was quoted saying “Smoking sucks!”. If you want to give up smoking, but can’t bear the cravings, then electronic cigarettes are the method for you. You will need some an electronic cigarette and your favourite flavour of eLiquid to get started. Play around with different flavours, strengths and brands to find out which works best for you. Although you’ll still be getting a little bit of nicotine (to combat the cravings), you won’t be getting any of the other nasty chemicals. Before long, you won’t want to smoke at all. If Katherine Heigl could puff away on an electronic cigarette in the limelight and not be embarrassed, then what’s stopping you?

Charlize Theron – Kerry Gaynor method

Kerry Gaynor has been helping people stop smoking for years; in the form of DVDs, books and other self help tools. Adopted by glam Charlize Theron, the Kerry Gaynor method consists of three therapy sessions and one hypnotherapy session. Although not the cheapest way of giving up smoking, it seems to work. Other celebrities who have given up smoking with Kerry Gaynor include Katie Cassidy, Paul Rudd and Aaron Eckhart. If you can’t afford to be personally seen by Gaynor himself, then consider investing in his DVDs and workbooks. You have to have a real desire to give up if you want this method to work for you.

Tons of celebrities have given up smoking, using methods from yoga to getting pregnant. Have you tried any of these celeb inspired ways to kick the habit? Or will you be waiting for a miraculous cure to rid you of cravings?