3 Essential Healing Oil Blends You Can Make Yourself

With all the recent interest in going green, going organic and going natural, essential oil sales are seeing a rejuvenation of their own — even though they are frequently used to rejuvenate us!  People are doing what they can to cleanse, take in less chemicals, get healthier and, hopefully in return, get happier.  And, whereas many essential oils have healing and rejuvenating powers all by themselves, the blending and mixing of these oils can serve to rejuvenate your creativity and knowledge, at various intervals.  Once you get a handle on mixing and matching oils, you will want to invest in the proper cps glass vials in which to store them, to keep their healing powers strong and fresh.


In the basics for blending, research is the first step.  You must decide whether the oil blend you concoct will be used externally or internally.  Traditionally, you may find yourself spending more on safe oils that are intended for internal use and which are also a tad trickier to blend.  Next you need to look up what oils are used for what results.  Most oils have far more than one possible result or effect.  When deciding which oils to blend, keep in mind that they fall into these categories: Citrus, Oriental, Spicy, Medicinal, Minty, Herbaceous, Earthy, Woodsy and Floral.  Certain combinations work and play well together: Earthy, Herbaceous, Woodsy and Citrus go well with Minty and by contrast Citrus, Oriental and Floral blend well with Spicy.  Woodsy is compatible with pretty much anything.

Essential Oils are also classified on a type of scale (known as ‘notes’), which refers to the speed with which they evaporate.  Using a ‘base note, middle note’ and ‘top note’ are recommended for the novice blender.  Together they create a harmonious ‘chord’ of sorts.  As a reference, top notes are those that evaporate first/quickest.  Now… let’s create!

#3 Soothing Bath Salts

Refresh and revitalize you body with a luxurious hot bath, sprinkled with healthful salts you have made especially for you.  You will need equal parts baking soda and Epsom salts, for the first ingredients.  Now the oils: just a few drops of peppermint, rosemary, vanilla and sandalwood.  If you have a friend or relative that could use these types of healing powers and loves to soak in the tub after a hard day, you can mix up a batch of the drops in a nice container, decorate the container in a manner which would please that favored person and give it as a gift.  The holidays are approaching you know!

#2 Medicinal Antimicrobials

Here is a soothing medicinal blend, which is excellent for healing those nail or foot infections that we tend to get now and again. The clove and tea tree oils used here can also be used as astringents.  Caution: do not put this concoction anywhere close to your internal body or eyes!  Take a small bottle (3 oz.) and add oils of clove (4 drops), thyme (4 drops), geranium (8 drops) and tea tree (12 drops).  Fill the rest of the vial with apple cider vinegar, close snugly and gently roll container between your palms.  Use daily by applying to infected areas, with beauty pad or clean ball of cotton – mix before each use.

 #1 Essential Remedy For Dry Skin

This is where you’ll need a pump dispenser.  Put in 100 ml of any of the following oils: sweet almond, avocado, apricot, grape seed or almond.  These are referred to as carrier oils or base oils.  Then add Fennel, Juniper and Lemongrass, at 10 drops a piece (for every 100 ml of base).  Use daily to smooth and heal dry skin.   

The world of essential oils is extremely fascinating.  Some oils are outrageously expensive, because of how rare or difficult they are to harvest.  Some oils are ancient and have been utilized for centuries in medicinal, healing and beauty uses.  There are are oils to heal every part of your body, mind and even (seemingly) your soul.  Blends for animals, children and your wood furniture (!) are available with a little research.