3 Features In Women Motorcycle Jackets

As a woman you are looking for a motorcycle jacket that not only fits well and offers excellent protection for the body but you are also looking for a motorcycle jacket that looks fantastic. It is possible to buymotorcycle jackets that have all of these features. Some main features of women’s motorcycle jackets include ventilation and temperature control and because a lot of women’s motorcycle jackets come in nice bright colors, it helps others see them on the road and this could reduce motorcycle accidents. Purchasing a jacket that is both stylish but yet fits its purpose of protection is important. Aside from their protective benefits, here are other features of women’s motorcycle jackets.



One main feature of a woman’s motorcycle jacket is the collar and the purpose of the collar is for the woman to look stylish while riding on the motorcycle but it is also designed to protect her neck should an injury occur. The collars are generally high but not too high and it covers the neck and back of the head in an adequate way. Although, collars come in motorcycle jackets for both men and women, they also give your neck added protection from the cold winter winds while you drive.

Patches and Pockets

Another main feature of a woman’s motorcycle jacket is that it contains patches and pockets and this is good for women because it allows women cyclists to store a few of the small necessities in their jackets without having to put a saddlebag on the motorcycle or carry a wallet inside their pants. The patches and pockets also look stylish.

Lambskin Motorcycle Jackets

Some women buy lambskin motorcycle jackets and these jackets are just as comfortable as the leather ones. Lambskin is also a durable fabric for a women’s motorcycle jacket and these kinds of jackets come in numerous colors and design patterns. Lambskin motorcycle jackets are also affordable.


These and other features of women’s motorcycle jackets are great for women who want a feminine touch to their motorcycle jackets. When you buy the motorcycle jacket, try on more than one size to see which one fits the best and you should also look at the design of them to ensure that they are designed properly. When you buy the right kind of women’s motorcycle jacket, you are able to look and feel confident, and you’ll be safe on the road in various weather conditions. Finally, women’s motorcycle jackets are becoming more diverse in styles year after year.

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Nowadays lot of women is also taking much interest in motorcycle riding and they are cautious in selecting proper motorcycle gear. There are many online stores that offer motorcycle jackets for women in latest designs considering safety and fashion aspects.