3 Ideas For Quality Time With Your Family

If you feel like your family is always off doing their own thing, playing video games, out with their friends, or simply avoiding one another, then it’s time to take action. Don’t leave your family to go their separate ways, instead, take a look at these ideas.

Make it Regular

There’s no use scheduling quality time in once and never again. It has to be a regular thing. Whether it’s making and eating dinner together every day, or simply having downtime together before your kids go to bed to listen to their day, making time on a regular basis will help strengthen the bond between you each and every time. This way, if you can’t make it one day because of work or a social engagement, it isn’t as much of a blow – you’ll see each other again tomorrow. Just make sure that missing it doesn’t become more regular than the quality time itself.

3 Ideas For Quality Time With Your Family

Let Them Know

If you have teenagers, they might find the idea of ‘quality family time’ contrived and forced. However, simply talking to them about why you want time with them will help them understand. The ball is in their court then, they can decide if they want to participate. You should also remember, as a teenager, they are finding who they are as a person separate from the family unit and you have to allow them that space.

It might also be worth scheduling individual activities with teenagers, such as playing soccer, drawing or shopping. They may not want to take part in things aimed at their younger siblings.

Play Their Games

You know what they love doing, so instead of forcing them to do what you want to do, find out from them. Maybe they already love playing tennis and would love you as a partner, or they want to try something new, like skateboarding or scooting. Simply pick up a few supplies from Skate Hut and you’re halfway there. Your kids might love it or think it’s very un-cool, but it’ll be fun and give you a good story either way.

Equally, learning a new skill in a class is a great way to bond with your kids, whether it’s a cookery class or a rock climbing session – simply ask! It could be learning something new as a family, or helping one of your children improve on a skill they enjoy.