4 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Were Twins

There are many things celebrities keep out of the public eye, in their personal life and business life.

However, there is one thing many of them can’t hide, or don’t care to hide, and that is, that they’re one of identical twins!We aren’t talking about the already well known twins such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen or Tia and Tamera Mowry.
4 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Were Twins
All celebrities, from musicians, actors, and even top models have a twin they left back home.

Ashton and Michael Kutcher – Ashton Kutcher is known as the That’70s Show star, a techie himself, and now the leading role on Two and A Half Men. Ashton is known for many, many things, but being a twin is not one of them.

There is another Kutcher, and he is back in their home state of Iowa. Michael was a victim of cerebral palsy and had a heart transplant at the young age of 13.

However, in an interview with People magazine, he explains how Ashton never left his side. Michael is now raising his daughter.

Gisele and Patricia Bundchen – Gisele is known as one of the top models, and now the wife to Tom Brady. She has turned many heads with her runway shows, head shots, as well as being a Victoria Secret angel for 7 years.

Gisele and her fame have broken many milestones and records. In addition to being one of the world’s top models, she is also a sister to her twin Patricia Bundchen.

Patricia has slightly been in the public eye as she is a manager to Gisele’s career, meaning she gets a kickback of Gisele’s annual $35 million dollar income. She has also attended many events with her sister

Jon and Dan Heder – Jon is well known for the role he played in the 2004 film, Napoleon Dynamite. Not only was that a tremendous success but also his first film debut.

Many may not have realized, but there are 2 look alike Heders! He and his brother Jon have made many appearances together, however they are both very low-key. You practically can’t tell the two apart.

Siva and Kumar Kaneswaran – One member of a heart throb British boy band is a twin himself, and his brother and he look almost the same! The Wanted’s star Siva Kaneswaran is a twin and his brothers’ name is Kumar.

Pictures prove they are practically and literally identical. This gives girls another boy to scream for.

Just when some people think they know the personality of celebrities. Little things can completely change what people think of each other.

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