4 Creative Ideas For A Proposal

Proposing to your loved one can be a nerve-wracking experience and you want to ensure everything goes according to plan. Proposal is something that will stay in your memories for the rest of your lives and thus you want to make it a little bit special.

Here are four creative ideas for a proposal and ways you can add a little bit of sparkle to your proposal.

1. Bake A Cake

Now placing the ring on the food is a really bad idea but you can always write the question on to the food as a surprise. What is even cuter is if you bake a cake yourself and then pop the question on top with melted chocolate or other form of icing. This is a really romantic gesture and shows you have made special effort to charm your loved one.

You can use other foods as well. For instance, organising the question with different pieces of fruit can be a really nice way to propose. Be creative and use your imagination.

4 Creative Ideas For A Proposal

2. Slip A Note Inside A Book

If your loved one is an enthusiastic reader then why not prepare a lovely note and slip it inside the book she or he is reading at the moment. You can write about the reasons why you love them and the things they do to make you smile.

When they start reading the book and find your note you can surprise them with the ring and pop the question. This is a really romantic way and putting your words on paper can be a lot easier than remembering it all while you propose.

3. Pop The Question On The Laptop

You can also use technology to help you propose to your loved one. When your special person is sleeping or away at work use their laptop and add a picture of you holding a “will you marry me?” sign as the desktop image. If you want to make the situation a bit more special Since 1910 recommends leaving a trail of roses next to the laptop.

Remember to be nearby once they use the laptop and present them with the rings. You could also take images of yourself holding the sign with your spouse’s camera and then ask them to upload the photos on to the computer.

4. Surprise With Rings

Naturally, rings are an important part of the proposal and you want to make sure they are just the right one. But instead of you handing out the usual diamond ring you should look into other options and make the ring the centrepiece of your proposal.

There are a lot of great ring options to choose from but one great way to make it unique is to opt for a different metal and colour. For instance, black tungsten wedding bands for men and women can look really great and give you that unified look. There is no reason why you can’t present rings to you both as a surprise instead of just handing out one for your loved one.

Check out Men’s Tungsten Online for great tungsten bands.

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