4 Tips for Your Wedding Day Menu Creation

WeddingPreparing for a wedding, whether you like or not, is fussy. You can’t help worrying about the designs of your clothes, the design of the invitation cards, the flower arrangement, the theme and the ambiance of the restaurant or hotel where you will have the reception. Everything should be perfect, of course. One of the most important highlights of the wedding, aside from the vows and the exchange of rings, is the food. What should your wedding catering services provider serve your valued guests eat on your wedding day? In this article, we will discuss on some ways on how you can impress your guest with your wedding day food menu while not having to spend too much.

4 Tips for Your Wedding Day Menu Creation

1. Elegant Food in Small Quantities

Everyone expected at your wedding should dress to impress. Similarly, you should catch the attention of guests with the menu you serve and present. Uniqueness of the food entrees is critical. People want to try new things all the time. If they are tired of eating fast food and regular food items found in typical casual dining restaurants, offer them with elegant and luxurious-looking food only in small quantities. Get the waiter to ask each guest which ones of the selection they want: beef sandwiches with fries and coleslaw, mini pork pies, cocktail sausage rolls or wedges of homemade quiche. Each would be enthralled to take their best pick. To offer equal satisfaction, everyone would have the same delicious dessert: heart-shaped strawberry shortcake filled with fresh strawberries and cream finished with drizzled Belgian chocolate.

2. Pasta and Booze

The first suggestion pointed above may not make guests full. So if you want to be guaranteed that all of them would pacify their hunger with your wedding day menu, choose pasta dishes for carbohydrates with toasted bread and leave them with a bottle of wine or champagne in each table. They would enjoy your moment and possible be tad tipsy to dance in the floor with you for your grandest evening.

3. Healthy Food

You won’t go wrong with choosing healthy food for your guests. Don’t choose roasted beef or pork and steak if you can’t afford them. There are lots of others which taste good, and healthy food does not need to be boring. Serve them with the following on the menu: assorted sandwiches and wraps, mini Indian selection with mango chutney, salted mini crusted potatoes, seasonal salad, smoked salmon served with lemon grass vinaigrette, and fruit sorbet. Sounds decent, right?

4. Vegetarian-friendly

Consider that there would always be vegetarian friends who will attend your wedding. It’s bad not to offer them with food they can eat. So be prepared with menu for the vegetarian with choices such as cougrette and lentil timbale with spicy tomato sauce, Mediterranean vegetables and Quron moussaka, parsnip and lentil strudel with lemon cream sauce, and potatoes and chick pea balti. Top it all with coffee, tea or fresh fruits for desserts.


Your wedding day’s menu doesn’t have to be too expensive to be exquisite. Surely, you can’t please everyone a hundred percent when you have limited budget. But there are ways to create a menu that they can be happy about, and surround the wedding reception with your love and hospitable welcoming to them. That is all that matters most anyway.