4 Tips To Cut Some Wedding Costs

Traditional weddings can be budget breaking but it can also be heartbreaking not to have the wedding of your dreams.

However, all the little things add up and saving anywhere you can while still having your dream wedding is a wonderful feeling. Cutting costs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Consider the follow tips and incorporate them in your planning process.


Check the Date

Schedule your wedding on a weekday rather than weekend. It may seem like an inconvenience as many people have to work, but if you send in your invitations early enough, more than likely, most of your guest list will be in attendance, especially the important ones.

Do It Yourself

Little things add up and can break your budget or allow you to even save a dollar. As all the little things can be costly, consider making a DIY project out of them. Things such as wedding favors and invitations can be much more costly than we imagine, so consider making a fun day to create all your DIY projects for your wedding. Ask if anyone is willing to volunteer and join in.

Add something fun to the day to get more people to assist, such a food catering, happy hour drinks, or even dinner.

Stay On Schedule

Being late to your own wedding may seem acceptable but you will have to pay for it. Many fees and costs come in to affect when you are late. Limousines, musicians, and vendors have hidden late fees that you may not be aware of, and may possibly break your budget.

So make sure you’re on time or at least aware of these fees ahead of time.

Choose Your Reception Location

It is all about your wedding and ceremony, but deciding where the reception will be held will play a huge role in planning your wedding budget. Renting out the venue for your reception can be costly, so saving on this portion of your wedding is ideal. Do your homework and shop around for the best deals.

Would you rather rent out a hall and have food catered, or make it easier by having it held at a restaurant?

At first, you may seem hesitant in cutting costs but keep in mind that little by little, all things can add up. You’ll have to stack up a sufficient amount of savings. In addition, cost-cutting techniques don’t always mean low quality or poor materials. In fact, sometimes the quality is exactly the same, and it’s the approach that saves you the dollars.

Adam is a real estate agent in his local and surrounding counties. However, along with his work schedule, Adam and his fiance just purchased their unisex black tungsten wedding bands and are looking forward to officially tying the knot in front of their loved ones in the next coming months.