5 Devices That Keep Us Clean


Although we go through our days handling any business that comes our way, many people do not realize the small items that are essential to keeping us clean from day to day. While everyone takes showers whether it’s morning, noon or night, there are several devices that help us to keep ourselves clean throughout the day while seeming to be inconsequential.

The Electric Toothbrush
Do you ever wake up with your mouth feeling as though it’s coated in film while your teeth have a slightly abrasive feel to them as you run your tongue across them? If so, you likely brush your teeth anywhere from once to several times a day to keep them feeling fresh and clean.

With the invention of the electric toothbrush, keeping our mouths clean has never been a more simple affair. As opposed to running bristles across our teeth manually, we now have the ability to allow a tiny electronic toothbrush to do a much better job of cleaning our teeth than we ever could through traditional means. They remove plaque much more thoroughly while handling those hard to reach places even better.

The Shower Head
Though these items are used everyday by anyone showering, few may realize just how far showerhead designs have come. These wonderful devices allow for water to flow over our bodies in a variety of ways rather than simply flowing out in a single stream. With many showerheads having several settings for strength, coverage and even massaging jets, they are an essential part of washing away the millions of dead skin cells that we lose every day.

The Vacuum
Vacuums are a vital part of keeping homes clean across the world, even ones without carpeting. With the inevitability of dirt and debris finding it’s way through small cracks while also being carried into our homes on shoes and other articles of clothing, it can build up overtime. Vacuums provide us with a quick and efficient way of removing dust, dirt, and debris from floors, vents, and other surfaces of our homes without spending hours on our knees scrubbing with brooms, brushes, rags, or towels.

Central vacuum systems are also becoming more common in many homes. Not only do they provide an excellent way of cleaning a home with a high-powered vacuum system, but they can also raise the resell value of a home.

Lint Rollers
Nothing is worse than getting ready for a night out on the town only to see that you have small patches of lint or dust on your favorite black outerwear. This is particularly important for anyone involved in a business where looks are a major part of the job.

While many lint rollers may be nothing more than slightly sticky tape that’s able to roll, they make getting stubborn lint off of our clothing painlessly easy. This is excellent for the times that you notice something on your clothing just as you’re about to walk out the door.

While this wonderful invention is in heavy use in many countries, it is still slowly finding it’s way into many western homes. A bidet uses a stream of water to assist with cleaning sensitive areas after a trip to the bathroom. Rather than use copious amounts of toilet paper that can leave remnants behind while spreading bacteria, the use of a bidet will provide a more thorough cleaning that also reduces the risk of infection in those areas.

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