5 Easy Ways To Stop Plaque Dead In Its Tracks

Dental plaque can prevent you from having the beautiful smile that you want. The problem with plaque is that it can buildup on the surface of the tooth and eventually eat away at the enamel and tooth itself. Think of plaque as a bacteria that feeds on sugars that are present within the mouth. Another problem with plaque is that it can eventually harden into what is known as calculus, and this can only be removed with professional dental instruments.

1) Avoid Sugary Foods

This first tip may very well be the most important tip on the list. The bacteria known as plaque actually feeds off of sugars that are found in your mouth and around your teeth. Avoiding sugary foods can prevent excessive plaque within the mouth, which can then prevent you from dealing with decay and cavities.

2) Brush After Every Meal

Brushing your teeth can get rid of any plaque present within the mouth. Many people will use a manual toothbrush twice a day, but it’s actually recommended by most dentists that you use an electric toothbrush after every single meal to reduce the amount of sugars and carbs in the mouth that plaque may feed on. Electric toothbrushes have been proven to be as twice as effective in removing plaque between the teeth.

5 Easy Ways To Stop Plaque Dead In Its Tracks

3) Floss Daily

Brushing your teeth is highly recommended, but there may be plaque between the teeth that your brush simply cannot get to on its own. Using a high-quality flossing tool or machine can get rid of the plaque found between teeth. Unfortunately, a lot of people forgo flossing their teeth and build up excessive plaque as a result.

4) Go for Regular Cleanings

According to the professionals at C U Smile, seeing your dental hygienist at least twice a year can get rid of the plaque that has already hardened and is stuck to the surface of the teeth. Hardened plaque is known as calculus, and it often looks like a white calcified buildup on the inner or outer parts of the teeth.

5) Use a Great Mouthwash

Believe it or not, mouthwash can be more beneficial than just giving you great breath. Many mouthwashes are geared to prevent plaque buildup by creating a layer of protection on the surface of the teeth. Some mouthwashes are better quality than others, so be sure to look for one that specifically states that it protects against plaque buildup and not just one that offers fresher breath. These specialized mouth washes may cost a bit more, but are certainly worth it.

By utilizing these easy tips in your own daily life, you will have shinier, brighter and healthier teeth. Having a gorgeous smile is something that everyone wants for themselves, but it takes a lot of work and dedication to your oral health to ensure that this becomes a reality for you. Speak with your dentist if you’d like to learn more about how plaque affects your teeth and how to get rid of and prevent it.