5 Exciting Ideas For Your Girls’ Night Out

Planning a girls’ night out? You will want some great ideas to make it a memorable experience that you will never forget. This special night may be for a bachelorette party, a birthday bash, or just a chance to get together with some college besties that you haven’t seen in a while. Here are five exciting ideas for you and your girls to help make it one memorable event.

Wine Tour

This is another very popular option for a girls’ night out or weekend away. Wine tours may start out a little slow at first but usually end up a blast after trying 30 different types of wine with your best buddies. You can wear casual clothes and be a in a comfortable environment and spend a great time with your friends.

5 Exciting Ideas For Your Girls' Night Out

Go to a Rave

This is one of the best girls’ night out ideas because it isn’t your typical night. Rent a hotel and limo for you and your girls so you can dance your butts off all night and sleep the entire next day. If you and your girls are lucky to get to a rave with great DJs, you may just have the time of your life. One of the best parts of a rave is getting dressed up for it. Raver outfits are so much fun and give you a chance to dress up as someone else for a few hours and let your hair down. Purchase some cool raver clothes and accessories beforehand to surprise your friends with. You can find rave clothing for women at Raverswag.com and other online retailers. Dressing up for a rave makes great photo memories and you will have a blast dancing the night away to some good tunes and look incredible.


Another great night out idea is to get all decked out and go gambling with your girls. Vegas is always the ultimate choice, however, there are other local gambling options to choose from that can be just as fun. You and your girls can dress up in fancy clothes and try to win some money! You may just get lucky and come home a richer woman!

Bar Hopping

Bar hopping is always a great option for a night out. It’s great for college or high school friends to get a limo and go bar hopping in their home or college town. The girls can get dressed up, have dinner at a favorite restaurant, and hit every bar possible. This is a good tradition to do for college alumni and class reunions.

A girls’ night out may not happen very often, so make it a great one. With so many options to choose from for the night, one of these ideas are sure to bring excitement and memories to last a lifetime.