5 Ideas for Overall Style for This Summer

Summer heat is upon us and that might mean a breakdown of your routine to cope with the hotter temperatures. You may move your exercise program to a different time to beat the heat, or you may eat lighter during the summer months. One thing you don’t have to do this summer is compromise on style. Just tweak your wardrobe by updating it with a few key pieces and you’ll be looking good without breaking a sweat. Here are 5 ideas that can improve your look this summer:

Add a Pop of Color

One of the easiest ways to update your look is to throw a little color into the mix. Particularly hot this year is anything in the green or blue family, as well as orange. But hey, if you gravitate towards yellow or purple, that’ll work too. From a cobalt skinny cotton pant, to red sunglasses, to green high-tops, one piece in a pop of color instantly modernizes your look.

Pay Attention to Fit

It used to be cool to sag but no more. This season, clothes that fit you properly keep you looking well dressed and cool without being sloppy. Slimmer pants in cotton or linen, cargo shorts in lighter fabrics, and cotton shirts that have a close fit are great easy summer choices.

Wear a Pattern

It can be bold or it can be subtle depending on your personality and taste, but wear a pattern once in a while. Solids from top to bottom can be boring. Plaids, stripes, or abstract prints (again keep it to one piece) can transform you from plain Jim to best dressed instantly.

Accessories Aren’t Just for Girls

Women know a thing or two when it comes to dressing, and one of their best tactics is to wear the same outfit with different accessories. Guys can modify this strategy easily by having a few different items on hand. Watch, belt, sunglasses, briefcase – have a variety, even a small selection, and you can make something you wore yesterday look different today.

5 Ideas for Overall Style for This Summer

Shoes Count

Holes and worn out shoes kill your look faster than a ketchup stain. This season, from espadrilles to brightly colored converse, make sure your shoes don’t look like they’ve just walked a marathon through a mud pit. You get the picture.

Easy, right? Follow the tips above and you’ll be looking cooler than cool this summer. For inspiration, check out this link: www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/Native-Youth-Designer-Clothing.html.