5 Indispensable Safety Tips For Women Living Alone

While we like to think we, as women, are safe enough in today’s society to live on our own, there are still dangers lurking around every corner. By taking away an at home safety net that knows where you are and reacts when you don’t come home on time, things can get scary. Luckily, this fear can be combated in many ways, taking away the raw fear of being alone.

Upgrade Locks

Always lock your doors no matter if you are home or not. Many grow up in neighborhoods where an unlocked door is no problem and the habit carries over to less unsavory areas of town. If you feel one lock isn’t enough, invest in a professional lock installation through RS Locksmith or other professional locksmith company for an added level of security.

Buy Curtains

When you live alone, you end up wearing whatever you feel like because there is no one else around to judge you. Using curtains keeps anyone on the outside looking in from seeing your choice of comfort as well. In addition to keeping you secure, it keeps others from knowing how much expensive stuff you have and marking your place as a potential hit.

5 Indispensable Safety Tips For Women Living Alone

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Occasionally, some women pick up stalkers that hang outside their windows at night. By setting up a motion detector, it scares them off and gives them the chance to see the intruders clearly so they can give a detailed police report.

Get a Dog

Pets are great and big dogs are even better for protection. If someone tries to break in, they will either scare or fight them off. An added benefit is that if you have to head out at night for a quick errand, you can bring your dog to ward off potential muggers.

Use Social Media Smartly

This is an oft overlooked part of day to day life that can easily set you up as a target. With the ability to check-in to places as well as writing about where you live, thieves can make easy targets of women living alone.

As a woman on your own, you have to be ever vigilant. Today’s society makes it much easier and much safer to do so, but danger still lurks around every corner. Take safety precautions to lessen any chance of a robbery, and you’ll find being on your own to be a tremendous uplifting experience.