5 Most Important Things for a Woman to Know About Dating Online

When it comes to modern day dating, the Internet has made it easy to connect with people that you might not have met otherwise.  This means that now more than ever, there’s a better chance at you finding that special someone simply because the online dating scene is so vast and popular.  Still, there are some things that you should know before you get out there and find your love.

Five Things Every Woman Should Know Before Dating Online

Here are five things to keep in mind when setting up your online dating profile, browsing other people’s profiles and eventually, meeting up:

Online Dating

  1. Read into the Signs People are Giving You.  One thing you should already know about the Internet is that people use it to hide behind.  We don’t have to tell you that people might be embellishing—or flat out lying—online as you’ve probably seen it on all types of social media sites.  With online dating sites, look out for people who don’t use a lot of first person pronouns since this points to someone trying to hide who they are (or flat out lying).  Also watch for signs that tell you more about a man than he thinks he’s saying.  For instance, “I can’t stand drama” probably means he has a lot of drama in his life; if he’s “ready to move on”, he’s probably not; if there’s not much to tell, he might be hiding something and if he can’t describe himself, he probably doesn’t want to.
  2. Be Selective with Your Dates, but Not Singular.  As you’ll soon find out, there are far too many men online to date (unless that’s your full-time job), so be sure you’re picking out guys that fit your list of qualities you want in a man.  Then, compile a few choices and start talking with and/or seeing them. You can’t date everyone, but you also can’t just try out one person at a time—think of this as speed dating.  With all of the choices out there, you can afford to be both selective and experimental at the same time.  Just be sure that you can handle the dates and don’t get too attached to any one date right away.  You’re here to find something you want—give yourself that opportunity!
  3. Take some Pictures.  Studies have shown that women with at least 3 uploaded photos get double the messages than those who just upload one.  This means you should upload more, but at least three, since guys will be more apt to think you’re real and not some spambot.  Experts suggest 7 pictures total: three close up shots, two full-length shots and two action shot of you doing something exciting.  You can get a little flirty in the picture and even show a little cleavage, but don’t give everything away or you’ll come off looking easy.
  4. Your Profile Says it All.  Well, it says everything your pictures aren’t saying.  That’s why it’s important that you choose a user name that makes guys want to click on your profile.  Don’t use your real name, but something that demands more information while giving a tiny bit (e.g. NerdySports, SunsetWine, etc.).  Then, make your “About” section fun and upbeat.  Don’t have anything negative there, but rather the way that you’d come across at a bar.  Be fun, flirty, not too heavy or complicated—keep it under 500 words and utilize the Rule of Three (three interests, three hobbies, three words to describe yourself / what you’re looking for, three bands you love, etc.).  This makes it easier to digest, but still gives guys some insight about you.  Also, stay away from sarcasm and trying to sound too clever—just be yourself!
  5. Don’t Obsess.  It can be quite easy to obsess over your profile and how many hits or messages you are getting—don’t!  If you’re not attracting the people that you want or the amount that you want, simply tinker with your profile and pictures a little.  Remember, this is a little like fishing—the bait that you stick out there is your profile and it will be in the water 24/7.  Go out, do things you’d normally do—don’t get stuck waiting for people to find you or respond.

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