5 Professional Hair Styling Tips That Your Hairdresser Won’t Tell You

Many professional hair dressers have the talent, experience and skill to transform anyone’s frizzy, out of shape and thin hair into a marvelous piece of art in under an hour. Because of their remarkable skills we are prone to heed whatever they tell us and consider it the ultimate truth. But there are many things that they do not tell us, perhaps because it affects their bottom line. Below we look at the 5 things that most hair dressers won’t tell you.

5 Professional Hair Styling Tips That Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You

You probably don’t need Highlights Done each Time that you get your Hair Styled

Think about the fact that your hair is highlighted each time that it has been colored so the chances of overlapping are not that great. A better way to save money and continue looking good is to break your base instead of the highlights each time you get color touchups. This way you’ll be effectively giving your hair a much needed break, look fresh and save money. The fact that you’ll save money is one reason why your hairstylist is so silent about it.

You can Skip Conditioning Treatments at the Local Salon to Save Money

A professional hair stylist will often insist that you get your hair washed and conditioned at the salon but is it really a good idea? Conditioning treatments are not bad especially if your hair is damaged but over doing the conditioning is expensive leaving you with a large bill at the checkout counter. Instead it would be a better idea to request the complimentary moisturizing conditioner with the shampoo of your choice, and request to be put under the dryer for around 10 minutes. Then compare to see if there is a difference. In 90% of the cases there will not be a difference but it will really be a difference on your wallet.

You can certainly Mix Cheap and Expensive Products

5 Professional Hair Styling Tips That Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You

There is no law against mixing an expensive shampoo with a cheap conditioner. As a matter of fact mixing an expensive shampoo with a cheap conditioner will help you save money with no noticeable adverse effects. You also shouldn’t just stick with the serum, hairspray and brand of conditioner that your hairstylist recommends because stylists are known to push a whole line of products your way saying things that they work best when used together. This can often be further from the truth except for of course if you’re open to spending a lot of money just because your stylist recommended it. You can buy a few products from your stylist and the rest from the local drug store.

Trimming will not make your Hair grow any Faster

Many stylists will tell you that the quickest way to grow your hair is to get it trimmed. There is of course no scientific truth to back this claim up. However, if you don’t opt for a haircut for around six months you will start to look ugly. Getting your hair trimmed should only be opted for when you need it when you want to grow. This will help you look great while growing your hair and will also help to curb instances of split hairs.

If you have Wavy or Curly Hair you don’t have to Shampoo

You’ll only need a wash and wear type haircut in addition to shampoo if you have fine hair. People with fine hair need to have some extra body. If your hair tends to be curly or wavy it will be slightly drier so shampooing every day is not a good idea.

When most of us visit a hairstylist there a number of things we’ve depending on the stylist for which includes advice on what we should use on our hair. However, whatever the advice may be always consider it something that you mull over. Stylists like all businesses are out there to make money but as someone who has limited resources your job should be to find what works best for the lowest possible price. That said you shouldn’t have to compromise quality for price. But you also don’t want to pay too much for hype which cannot be proven in real word tests like the feel of your hair and how it bounces when you use a particular product.

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Manu Alias has been a professional hair styling expert for many years. He usually works with an array of clients that hail from all over Australia which also includes a select few celebrities.