5 Sexy Swimwear Trends For Spring

Tired of the snow? By this point who isn’t. Fortunately, for some parts of the US such as the East Coast, we should expect to see warmer temperatures as soon as this weekend. The record snow has definitely had many people longing for the warmer spring and summer months. I know I personally am excited for warmer weather just to have an excuse to wear my favorite sexy swimsuits. If you’re also excited then you’ll be interested in seeing these 5 sexy swimwear trends for spring.

1. Bandeaus

These swimsuits began to make a splash last year, and this year they are proving that they are here to stay. Bandeaus are a great choice if you are hoping to find slutty swimwear to wear to your next big pool party. This bold style is revealing and meant to draw extra attention to your body. Some of the most popular bandeau styles this year will be fringe, bows, and metallic styles. The key to choosing the sexiest bandeau is to pick one that plays up the top. A giant bow across your bust will draw all kinds of attention from the guys.

2. Lace

Who said lace had to be reserved for the bedroom? Lace placed on bathing suits can help to create that same intimate feel perfect for hot and slutty swimwear. This trend is only for the brave at heart. With a lace bikini you’ll be guaranteed to have all eyes on you and to receive quite a bit of underwater action. Proceed with caution!

5 Sexy Swimwear Trends For Spring

3. Crotchet

If you’re a little too shy to try the lace swimwear trend then you’ll be happy to know there is a slightly more conservative alternative: crotchet. Crotchet is a perfect for creating sexy swimsuits. These swimsuits or anything but a resemblance to your grandmother’s wardrobe. Crotchet works particularly well for monokinis and/or pucker back styles.

4. Little Black Bikinis

Sure, you’ve heard of the Little Black Dress (or LBD for short), but have you heard of the LBB or “little black bikini”? Black is a perfect color for bikinis because it creates a naturally slimming effect. Plus, it is easy to mix and match black patterns. Black bikinis are available in all different styles from basic to sexier sheer options. Regardless of your style preference you can be sure to find the perfect little black bikini.

5. Animal Print

Unleash your wild side! What woman doesn’t love animal print? Leopard and zebra print are the most common animal prints for swimwear. These prints are available in a wide array of colors and styles. I personally prefer them in brighter colors such as rainbow, pinks, and blue because they draw the most attention to the eye. If you’re feeling a bit spunky, look for matching cover-ups with cat-ears hoods and tails. Regardless of which style you choose, everyone will be able to hear you roar with an animal print swimsuit.

Have you started shopping for a bathing suit for spring yet? What are your favorite swimwear styles? Is there any trend you’re most looking forward to trying?