5 Signs He Is Having An Affair?

There would always come that point in the relationship where the husband would get sick of the wife and vice versa.  If you are a lady and love him so much, you can’t really stop the fact that he might be having an affair with another woman.  Here are 5 signs that would mean he is seeing another woman:

5 Signs He Is Having An Affair?

1) You Rarely See Him

If he is suddenly rarely seen at home, there is a good chance he is seeing another woman.  However, he will continue to shower you with a ton of excuses including he had to work overtime, he had to visit a sick friend and he had to do some last minute shopping.  It is possible he does not want to come home because he feels guilty.  He could run out of excuses and you should take notice of his reasons if he always comes home late or does not even come home for some days.

2) He is Suddenly Unreachable

It can make you feel suspicious if you suddenly can’t reach his mobile phone at times when you know you can call him.  He can give you that old excuse that his mobile phone ran out of battery but he can’t simply repeat that excuse a couple more times than usual.  If he can’t be reached on his mobile phone then it could be because he is with somebody else and turning off the mobile phone is his way of covering it up.

3) Follow Your Instinct

A woman would know if something fishy is going on just by a gut feeling.  You would know if your man is suddenly not behaving the way he used to.  You would know that there is a chance he could be seeing someone else especially if he smells like a girl’s perfume.

4) He Talks about Another Woman

If he suddenly talks about another girl then there is a good chance she is the third party.  There is a chance the guy has already fallen in love with the girl which could be reason why he can’t help but talk about her.  Of course, he could be covering it up by telling you she is just a friend but you can’t help but feel jealous.  You can’t really blame yourself if you tell him to stop talking about that girl but he would always forget your warnings and still talk about her.

5) He is Defensive

When he comes home late and you ask him where he was, he suddenly blows off on you by asking you why you would ask him such questions.  If that happens then there is a good reason something fishy is going on because if that is not the case then he would just smile at you.  There might even be a chance that your partner suddenly accuses you of having another man.  If that happens then it is probably because it is the other way around and he may be trying to hide it himself.

Savannah Ellis is a relationship therapist from Las Vegas. She does affair recovery coaching and sharing an advice for cheaters and their partners.