5 Steps To Pick Out The Environmental Protection Wallpaper

Most of the wallpapers are combined by the bottom layer and the surface layer. Some black hearted wallpaper stores often mix the concept. They call the bottom adhesive wallpaper as the pure paper wallpaper. But the real pure paper wallpaper is made by nature wood pulp pure paper material no matter for the bottom or the surface layer, which is completely environment protection. We can recognize it by the following steps which Melodyhome.com shared.

First, Observe the Surface

The pure paper wallpaper is made by nature paper pulp. Therefore, the surface is shining and soft as well as no light reflection brought by the plastic. For the adhesive side wallpaper, it attaches a layer of PVC. You may feel the strong reflection of light by observing, which is very dazzling.

Second, Smell the Offensive Smell for not used Ones

When opening a roll of new pure paper wallpaper or sample, you can smell the fresh wood pulp flavor. While the adhesive wallpaper has strong PVC plastic flavor, which is pungent. You should pay attention to that if the adhesive wallpaper sample has already used for a long time, the PVC flavor in it has been scattered away.

5 Steps To Pick Out The Environmental Protection Wallpaper

Third, Ask Repeated Questions About the Material

Repeatedly inquire the materials of the wallpaper. In process of communication, you may compare that whether there has difference for the interpretation of the material for salesman. You might as well pay special attention to their emotion to find out that whether they have unnatural situations or not.

Four, Touching the Surface

Most of the pure paper wallpapers are flat products. They are a little bit rough. On the contrary, the adhesive wallpaper feels smooth when you touching. What is more, it has uneven feeling.

Five, Fire Burning to the Residue

As the special character for the pure paper products, they do not contain any harmful substances. Therefore, it only produces white smoke when burning and without offensive smell. After burning up, the remaining for it is plant ash. It has nothing left by slight twiddle, without residual particle. While the adhesive wallpaper will produce black smell when burning and have offensive smell. After burning, it will leave PVC residue. To be specific, it has black particle in the residue.

To Sum Up

It is very easy to recognize the authentic pure paper wallpapers as long as you keep in mind the above steps, especially for the final step. If your family has old people or children, you had better choose the pure paper wallpaper, for it is harmless and environmental protection. Learn the decorating skills of the dream bedrooms clicking here.