5 Stunning Looks To Finish Off The Summer With A Bang

Since the end of summer is near, many tend to start thinking about pieces to add to their fall and winter wardrobes. However, there are still a few days of hot summer weather, making now the perfect time to find pieces to round out the season, and possibly transition into fall.

Pointy-Toe Skimmers

This shoe style is a wardrobe essential to pair with crop length and ankle length pants. They also coordinate nicely with maxi skirts and maxi dresses. Taking this shoe into your early fall wardrobe will be easy as they also go nicely with jeans and casual pants.

Crop Shorts

Crop shorts are perfect for an end of summer staple. These shorts are not super short, nor are they as long as Bermuda shorts. The come just below the upper thigh region, which is enough to keep you cool while showing some leg, yet they are long enough to keep you comfortably and appropriately covered. Paired with a lightweight sweater and tights, crop shorts can easily transition into your early fall fashion.

5 Stunning Looks To Finish Off The Summer With A Bang


Scarves make wonderful pieces to add to your end-of-summer attire. These versatile pieces can be worn many different ways, depending on the image you want to project on any given day, and the outfit with which you are pairing it. Traditional and shorter length scarves can be work around your neck to fill in a neckline. Longer length scarves can be worn around your waist as a sash or in the belt loops of your favorite jeans. Scarves also make great hair accessories. They can be worn to secure a high or low bun or ponytail. Thinner pieces of material can be braided into the hair which is a perfect look for a get together with friends or a casual date night. Additionally, longer length scarves can be worn as head wraps. This is an especially great idea if you are having a bad hair day, or for when you just want to have a different look.


A hat is a great way to add some punch to your end-of-summer look. Fedoras are not only classy, they can really bring a certain edge to just about anything that you wear. Fedoras come in different brim sizes, so you have no shortage of choices when deciding which size best suits you and your specific wardrobe.

Cuff Links

If you are having an end-of-summer wedding, cuff links make for a perfect gift for a bride to give to her groom. Giving your groom photo cufflinks are a wonderful way to commemorate your special day. A picture of the bride and groom or the date or your nuptials is placed inside the links. These links are really a fun and sentimental way for both of you to remember your wedding.

End-of-summer dressing certainly can be fun and fashionable. With just a few pieces, you can definitely end your summer in style.