5 Things That You Should Know About Cancer

Cancer strikes both fear and depression in those who are diagnosed with it. It is a term used to define a collection of diseases in which normal cells start to divide very rapidly and uncontrollably. When a person is diagnosed with this disease, they are not facing a single problem. According to medicinal science there are now more than one hundred kind of cancers and it is important that you are aware of the different facts that can help you prevent this disease.

This course of writing will explain the five most important facts about cancer that you must know of. These facts will not only help you understand what this disease entails but also assist in coping with it should you or your loved ones have the unfortunate experience of being diagnosed with it.

5 Things That You Should Know About Cancer

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Different types

The first fact that you need to know is that there are different types of cancer. Cancer usually starts with one organ and then spreads to other organs like skins, brain or stomach. This disease has been divided into different categories to help in its treatments. One type is Carcinoma which is the cancer of the skin. It usually occurs on the skin of the organs. Sarcoma is another type which occurs on the connective tissue of the muscles and bones.  Leukaemia which is the most commonly known type of cancer is one that forms in the blood. Other types include myeloma and lymphoma that occur in the immune system and in the central nervous system.


Regardless of what you have read on the internet, there are many causes that have been attributed to the disease. Scientists and doctors have identified a range of sources and reasons that are said to be the cause of cancer. These include diet, age, genetics, environmental elements and myriad of other explanations. But age is considered to be a major reason for cancer since it has been found common among people above the age of 65. Ultraviolet rays, chemicals and asbestos are among some of the reasons why people get cancer.


The symptoms of cancer are many but sometimes they don’t show at all until the last moment. Yet experts and doctors have pinpointed certain signs that indicate you should get yourself checked at least. In most cases an unusual lump is the foremost sign of cancer. You can get a biopsy to see whether it is indeed cancer or just a swollen lymph or fatty lump. Secondly, marks and moles on the skin without any reason are also signs for you to take cautionary measures. You should know that weakness or fatigue in the body is also sometimes related to cancer but there are other symptoms found along with them.

There is one thing that you should always remember. Doctors can sometimes make a mistake when diagnosing and leave you scared and uncertain for no reason at all. It is therefore important to only trust different tests and checkups designed specifically for identifying cancer cells. You shouldn’t react to anything till you get the results from these tests and checkups.


There are many types of cancers that still warrant research which makes it incredibly dangerous. Nevertheless, living a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the chances of cancer whereas protecting oneself from different sources of harmful materials can also inhibit the chances of you getting cancer. Secondly, there are habits that many people adopt leading them to cancer. For instance chewing tobacco is a major reason for mouth cancer. There are many other reasons that we can easily avoid by simply adopting a healthy lifestyle.

No need to Fear

Each year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. The frequency at which it is becoming rampant is both disturbing and alarming. But it must be understood that each year new techniques and measures are also being introduced that allow people to beat the disease and go into remission. There are many charities and research foundations that are coming up with stronger medicines to curb the disease. For that reason it is important that you shouldn’t fear it but face it head on to regain your health and live your life peacefully.

Samantha Cain was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She was successful in beating it and now proactively writes about it online on different forums. Some of her writings are found on PhentermineClinics.com whereas many others can be found all over medical blogs. She talks here about the five facts regarding cancer that you should know of.