5 Tips For A Fairy Tale Wedding

Preparing for that special day is certainly overwhelming to say the very least. In preparation for that special day, soon-to-be brides are scoping magazines, viewing television specials and searching the Internet to help with the planning of this special day.  In the enjoyment of helping many brides-to-be with the special day I came across this Website which has five great tips to make sure your wedding is perfect.

5 Tips For A Fairy Tale Wedding

One: The Binder vs a Wedding Planner

An almost perfect Wedding takes approximately sixteen months to plan.  The first tip is to design a Wedding binder or folder and everything that pertains to that special day shall be kept within that folder/binder. Although hiring a Wedding planner is a great idea not everyone finds one that agrees with their ideas and can sometimes be much more costly.  For those who would prefer to plan their own special day this website places the planning of the special day into intervals starting at sixteen to nine months prior to the day.  However many do not wait that long and the checklist on this website would help with any wedding.

Two: Pesky Budgets

The next biggest tip is to plan your budget for this special day and stay within that amount.  To do this, research is a very important factor.  This websiteplaces the five tips not at the beginning of the checklist but within it at different intervals of the sixteen months.

Three: Assembling Your Wedding

Putting together your wedding party is a very important part of your wedding.  Most of your friends and family will want in, but not all will fit well in the wedding party.  This website puts emphasis on picking a very enthusiastic Matron-of-Honor.  The Matron-of-Honor will be by your side from beginning to end and will need to be your right hand person.

Four: Time Management

Time is of the essence, and all parts of the wedding have to flow together from start to finish, planning, researching, and using your imagination along with help and ideas from your Wedding Party.  Reserving all the vendors and picking a date for the wedding that does not fall on a holiday is crucial and this website helps you by designing a checklist to plan all the important timely dates ahead of time.

Five: Guest List

The final tip is your guest list.  To keep costs down, take a head count; not everyone can come but you can be selective and depending on what type of reception is decided (a sit down meal or buffet). The guests that you have chosen will make the wedding a special, memorable day.

The best way to achieve a perfect wedding is to develop or find a checklist that will walk you through every facet of the planning of your wedding and direct you to guides and other tips to help you plan further for a perfect wedding. With help the planning of a wedding may actually be fun and just as memorable as the event itself!

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Jennifer Elbert is an Account Manager at Royaluxury Limousine; however, during her spare time she is a wedding planner who she has always loved the glitz and glamour of a modern wedding. She moved to New York City in 1998 to expand her business. Jennifer feels that creating magical moments for a bride and her family starts by providing luxury transportation for the wedding’s most honored guests.