5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Carpet For Your Home

5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Home5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Home5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your HomeInstalling carpet in your home is a process that should be undertaken with careful consideration. Many times homeowners select carpet solely based on the decorative aspect it adds to a room. If you want to make a more thorough decision, consider these five tips for your next carpeting project.


Color is a major aspect to consider when choosing the perfect carpet for your home. Although it should not be only factor you consider, it is a commonly the first decision home owners make. Opt for a color that can complement any decorum your room may have now and in the near future. Trendy colors can be a good choice, but keep in mind that trends change frequently. Choose a color that you genuinely like since that will be the color for that room for a number of years.


All carpet requires maintenance to keep it looking good. If you have children and pets, it is a good idea to get stain resistant carpeting. Stain resistance carpets tend to require less strenuous cleaning than the high-end variety. If you do select a high-end carpet, understand that the cleaning process will be more extensive, requiring extra time and expense to keep it maintained.

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Carpet For Your Home

Since most homeowners don’t have the tools to adequately clean the carpet in their homes, it is recommended to utilize a carpet cleaning company to thoroughly clean your carpet. Companies like Grimebusters Ltd. specialize in cleaning carpet and offer specialized solutions that can remove wine, gum, coffee, grease, pet stains and more. Such companies have the tools that are needed to properly remove stains from carpet without damaging it in the process.

Carpet Styles

Carpeting comes in a number of styles including plush, Saxony, Berber, textured and frieze. As you research, the types will become more familiar, since each one has a distinctive look to the way the yarn tufts are designed. Factors that will influence the carpet style that’s right for your home will include; durability, and whether it shows footprints, soil, and stains. Consider the level of foot traffic in the different areas of your home and select a carpet style that will function best for that area.

Choose the Right Company

Selecting the right company to install your carpet is as important as the type of carpet you choose. Choose a carpet company who has a wide selection of carpets with various styles. Verify that there is a knowledgeable staff that is capable of answering all of your questions. Avoid a poor installation job by verifying that the subcontractors have worked with the company for many years.

Spend Wisely

Make the most of your budget by considering the needs of each room you want carpeted. Request separate pricing for materials and installation so that you can compare costs. Areas with low traffic can benefit from a lower priced carpet selection, since the room won’t have much opportunity for getting stained. Paying more for stain resistant carpets in high traffic areas will be worth it in the long run since maintenance costs will be much lower. In children’s rooms, carpet tiles are a good way of keeping carpet looking fresh and new. Instead of replacing the entire room, carpet tiles can be replaced as needed.

When purchasing carpet it is best to know what you want before you start spending money. Failure to do so can result in getting carpet that isn’t as functional as it could be for your home. Following the tips provided will not only ensure that you’ll select the perfect carpet for your home, but that it will stay that way for years to come.