5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Small Bedroom

A small bedroom can be a place of beauty. There are so many space saving ideas available these days and many ways to make the smallest bedroom look sumptuous and useful that it can be a little overwhelming. So let’s first take the blank canvas of the empty room and look at ways to decorate to make it appear larger.

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Small Bedroom

Decoration to Create Space

Choose light, subtle colours – pastel shades are ideal. Depending on the intended use for the bedroom, choose a pale blue or green for a boy and pale lilac or pink for a girl, however if the room is for an adult, then consider using something more sophisticated such as pistachio or a pale buttercup yellow. Combine any of these colours with an accent wall, which should include the main colour in the room while adding a splash of vibrancy. This will take the eye away from the size and give the illusion of more space.

Beds and Bedframes

Now the room is decorated, the next thing to consider is the bed. Ensure that it will be in keeping with the size of the room and that there is space on at least three sides. The headboard will make any plain bed stand out and with so many beautiful options available such as blackened metal or chrome – something that makes a subtle statement is great. Bunk beds are ideal if the room is for a child, otherwise buy a single or double depending on the area you have available.

Soft Furnishings

The absolute ideal for a small bedroom are blinds which take no space at all, but will keep the light out. Then put extra long net drapes either side, as near to the colour of the wall as possible to add to the illusion of space. Buy good quality bed linen and cushions and add sumptuous colours to highlight the luxury of the room. No matter whether the flooring is wood, vinyl or carpet – avoid rugs as they immediately make a room look smaller.

Space Saving Ideas

Which brings us on to the furnishings. We all need a bedside table and there are many available that fix to the wall with enough space for a lamp, book and cup without taking up any floor area. Floating shelves are also great for storing books and ornaments. If the bed does not have any under storage, then use boxes which will be out of sight. Also an ottoman at the end of the bed provides a great place for jumpers.

Uncluttered and Light

The easiest way to achieve light is with reflection. By using mirrors the room will appear larger, but do not just think about wall mirrors – take the time to find a couple of special pieces of mirrored furniture which will not only give the room a feeling of space, but will also add a touch of glamour.

Whichever route is chosen – remember – the small bedroom can be a wonderful place and really doesn’t need to cost a fortune to create.

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Thie article was written by Jonny P – a homes and interiors blogger.