5 Tips to Making the Perfect Home Theater

For movie lovers, creating the ultimate home cinema experience is a dream come true, and it can be done for a very reasonable price with a bit of smart shopping. Here are 5 top tips for anyone wishing to emulate the big screen experience in their own home.

1. Go Big With the Screen


Image via Flickr by timuiuc

The saying goes, “the bigger the better,” and it’s wholly accurate when talking about the screen in your home theater. Choosing the highest quality projector that your budget will allow is extremely important, and so is creating the largest possible screen for your projection to hit. After all, the screen is the focal point of the theater, and arguably the most important part of it. If you have to cut back on things in your home theater due to budget issues, make sure it’s not the screen that you are cutting back on.

2. Surround Sound Rules

Creating a high quality surround sound in your home theater is one of the most important steps to recreating that amazing cinema experience. Most home cinemas operate on a 7.1 system that has one subwoofer and numerous speakers placed around the room. This will ensure that immersive experience that you enjoy so much at the cinema, and will take your home cinema to the next level. Buying high quality speaker cable is essential to maintaining the sound quality, so ask an assistant to help you out if you are unsure on this in the store.

3. It’s All About Comfort

When it comes to the cinematic experience, grand comfortable chairs are essential. These are one item that you will probably have to spend out on, but it will ultimately be worth it. There are loads of different options available, from lazy boy single-seater reclining chairs to ex-cinema chairs to plush executive high back swivel chairs. The seating you go for can really make or break the entire room, so don’t be afraid to go for it and get luxurious seats.

4. Optimize Your Lighting Conditions

You may be wondering why lighting is important when you want to watch the film in the dark? Well creating that pitch black room is what we’re talking about here. If you have windows in your home theater, it’s essential that you install roller shades, blackout blinds, or heavy duty dark curtains that are going to block any light from entering the room. This way you can enjoy the home theater experience any time of day.

5. Get In Control

If you want to make the entire viewing experience one of comfort and style, you don’t want to end up getting up every five minutes to fiddle around with lighting, movie controls, or sound levels. This is why getting all appliances hooked up to one remote control (or even a tablet or smart phone app) will make your operation much smoother and relaxing. Lights, camera, action, all from the comfort of your own seat.

Creating a home theater can be a perfect way to renovate a spare room, creating an inspiring and fun space to help you switch off and relax. What other things have you done to make yours perfect?