5 Tips to Protecting Your Baby’s Eye-site

Every parent should know that their baby’s eyes are developing in the first year of their life. There are several things that every parent can do to protect their child’s eyes and ensure that they will have healthy eyes. There are even some signs that can be watched out for. This would include watching for signs that their eyes are crossed or even turned out.

It is possible to even protect your child from nearsightedness. It is even an option to model good examples for your children. Children will learn what they live. If a parent is taking good steps to maintain their own eye health then the child will grow into the role of following their parents’ footsteps and will also maintain their healthy eyes.

Good Eating Habits

If it did not happen during pregnancy then begin a healthy diet now and set a good example for your child. A good diet is good for your baby’s eye site. This includes fruits and vegetables and foods that contain antioxidants.

Purchase Toys for your Baby that will Encourage Visual Development

Toys that can be grasped, squeezed, rolled, and thrown will stimulate and develop the eyes. Anything from a slink to silly putty with help stimulation. It goes without saying that you should monitor your child while playing with such toys.

5 Tips to Protecting Your Baby's Eye-site

Do not Allow Toys that have Sharp Edges

Sharp edges in a toy can be harmful to eyes. Some seemingly benign toys such as a Rubik’s Cube can potentially cause significant harm to a baby’s eyesite. Here is a list of other unsafe toys for babies.

Ensure that your Baby has Sun Protection Eyewear

Place the sunglasses on when it is especially blinding. This includes while driving with the baby or young child. Eyecare specialists like The Eyewear Place can provide the perfect pair of sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes.

Ensure that your Child’s Eyes have Regular Eye Examinations

This should be done during infancy and childhood, but is surprisingly often neglected. You may want to seek eyecare referrals from other parents in your neighborhood. Parents of other small children will be able to guide you in the direction of a quality eyecare specialist.

Shield Their Eyes from Secondhand Smoke

Second-hand smoke is not only hazardous to a child’s respiratory system, it can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. (SIDS)  Few people realize that secondhand smoke can also irritate a baby’s eyes causing redness and burning. If someone in your home smokes, encourage them to quit as soon as possible. It’s critically important to shield your baby from harmful substances.

These tips will go a long ways to ensuring your baby’s eyesite remains healthy. If you are interested in continuous encouragement for you baby’s eyes then there are toys that will stimulate their eyes as they grow. A few examples of these types of toys are:

*Finger paints
*Building blocks

Eye care is a lifelong job. The tips given will offer protection for your baby.