5 Tricks That Will Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

In general, apartments are not as roomy as a private house. There are exceptions to this, but many apartment homes are not very big. Sometimes, a one bedroom apartment can be as little as 700 or 800 square feet. Some people live in luxurious apartments, and their home may be much bigger than that, but no matter how big a person’s apartment is, they will usually want it to appear as spacious as possible. By applying some easy interior tricks, a person can easily make their home look much larger than what it actually is.

5 Tricks That Will Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

1. Get rid of the Clutter

Most people will find it to be common sense that getting rid of clutter will make an apartment look bigger. Although the square footage of a room will not grow, in actuality, it will make the room more spacious. Overcrowding a room with unnecessary items will make an area seem cramped up. Getting rid of all unnecessary items is the first step that someone should take in making their apartment appear larger.

2. Choose the Right Color

The color of a person’s walls and furniture has a great affect on how large their home appears. If a person uses colors wisely, it can work to their advantage as their home will appear to be much larger than what it actually is. The color of a home will have an affect on the light that enters the home, and this light will have an affect on how large the home appears.

It is best to go with white, tan, yellow and other light colors for a large appearance. The worst mistake that someone can make is to have dark colors in their home. Having black, blue, green or any other dark color will have the opposite affect and make a home appear smaller. Dark colors absorb light, while light colors recede the light. This is why kids are usually taught by their parents to not wear dark colors on a hot day.

3. Get Rid of Bulky Furniture

If a person has large and bulky furniture in their home, getting rid of all the clutter and having light colors in their home will only help so much. Besides taking up a large amount of space, bulky furniture will also block a person’s view of the other space in the room. This is especially true if the furniture sits on the ground. A person will want to replace that bulky furniture with less massive furniture. Furniture with raised legs that allows light to travel underneath it is always great. Glass furniture will also be a good idea as light will recede nicely.

4. Try Multifunctional Pieces

When space is limited, it is always best to get an item that can serve two different purposes. For example, a person may want to replace their coffee table with an ottoman. An ottoman, unlike a coffee table, can be used for so many different things. Using stools as end tables can also save space. Using them to place a drink on will not be any different than an end table. When a person has guests, they will also never have to go looking for extra seating.

5. Using Mirrors

Again, everything goes back to the lighting. Having mirrors will visually expand the size of a home. When choosing where to place the mirrors, a person should note where the sun hits the most. It is always best to have mirrors in an area that will allow the sunlight to reflect off of them and into the rest of the home.

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