5 Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back Into Style

If you are someone who loves to look good, and if you are someone loves the elegance and quirky charm of styles from the past, you will discover that incorporating vintage fashions is for you. However, how can you add vintage pieces to your wardrobe while making sure that you avoid looking as if you have gone digging in your grandma’s closet? The truth is that there are many great vintage fashion trends that are on their way back. Here are five of my favorites.


We don’t know why scarves ever went out of style! The right scarves can really bring out the lovely lines of the outfit, and there are so many ways to wear them. For example, think about finding a lovely flowing scarf and tying it in a larkshead knot around your neck. If you want something that is a little more fluttery and a little more flowing, think about knotting a scarf around your wrist and letting it emphasize your motions, or simply knotting one around your waist to give a long maxi dress a little bit of shaping.

Faux Fur

Even if you do not want to wear real fur, there is no end to the fun of faux fur. Faux fur is a fantastic choice for people who want the texture and warmth of fur but do not want to be troubled by the questionable morality of killing animals to get it. Faux fur in natural colors like black and brown are great, but don’t forget about wilder colors like pink and purple to show off your wild side!

5 Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back Into Style

Vintage Shaving

Few things are as cool as getting old fashioned with your shaving routine. Classy men all over the world are getting away from electric razors and getting back to shaving like their grandpa used to. A classic shaving kit could include such items as a straight razor, shaving oil, and a badger brush for lathering up your face before a satisfying and close shave that can’t be duplicated with modern methods. Along with some of the old fashioned hair styles that are coming back into style, this would be a great addition to your fashion routine.


The eighties brought in clunky boots for women, and if you want to make your legs look long and elegant, consider pairing a pair of black boots with chunky heels and your favorite pair of tights. This look adds a grounding influence to your wardrobe while giving you a fun tough edge. Just don’t wear these boots with big hair unless you want everyone to think you are headed for 80’s night at the local bar.


While the classic spaghetti strap sundress has never gone out of style, you will also find that there is a certain style of fifties sundress that can look fantastic on you. These sundresses tend to be a little more structured and to have a little more fullness in the skirts. A beautiful sundress like this will make you want to twirl around in the summer sun!

Add some vintage styles to your clothing wardrobe for some real modern fun!