5 Ways To Prepare Young Children For A Move

Moving can be incredibly stressful for young children. Youngsters thrive when their lives are secure and stable, but a move can totally disrupt everything. Preparing your child for a big move is the best way to make it less stressful. Here are five ways to make moving easier for everyone.


Don’t just start boxing up your child’s possessions before a move. Talk to your child about the upcoming change. Tell them exactly what will happen each step of the way. Reassure your little one that even though the toys and books are in a box, you’ll take that box with you to the new house. All favorite possessions will go in a big truck along with everything else in the house. The moving company will take good care of everything. You can even let them keep a favorite toy to enjoy on the trip to help ease their minds.

Make Memories

Make a scrapbook of the old house and neighborhood. Take lots of photos and let your child create his or her own memory album. Children exist on a different physical and emotional plane within a house than the parents. Children have favorite spots and views that you might never have noticed. Let them be involved so that they can keep the memories of their favorite places and experiences alive.

5 Ways To Prepare Young Children For A Move

Create Personal Space

If possible, take your child to the new house and him and show him his new room. Ask how he’d like the room to look – where do they want the bed, the bookcase, the special cuddle chair? What color does he want the paint to be? You might have your own decorating ideas, but allowing your child to have a say will help him accept their new room sooner.

Go Visit the Boxes

If your belongings will be stored for a length of time, ask the moving company if you can bring your child to see the boxes. Decorate the outside of the moving boxes with stickers or markers as you pack. Then when you go to the storage facility, your child can see his boxes. This way he’ll understand all their favorite toys are safe.

Say Goodbye

Before leaving the old house, let your child say goodbye. He can tell the house how much they loved it and will miss it. This process fosters closure about leaving their home behind according to Quality Moving Service, Inc.

Find Them Friends

Shortly after moving to a new town, try to integrate your children to the area by either proactively setting up play dates with other parents or by encouraging your child to invite over classmates. You can also enroll them in sports or other extra-curricular activities to put them in social environments.

Even if a move is a happy and joyous occasion, it’s still very stressful and a lot of work, especially for young children who don’t quite understand what is happening. Using these preparation techniques will go a long way to make the move a more positive experience for everyone.