6 Fun Wedding Gifts To Give To The Lucky Couple

When you receive a wedding invitation, you want to celebrate the happy couple whether or not you can actually attend the ceremony. Gift selecting and giving can be challenging, especially for people who already seem to have everything they need. If you want to give a creative gift that won’t just be stashed in the closet, consider one of these fun ideas.

6 Fun Wedding Gifts To Give To The Lucky Couple

Board Games

The couple that plays together, stays together, so encourage some lighthearted fun by giving the gift of board games. Purchase a few of your favorite games, and the couple will be equipped to pass the time on a quiet evening or enjoy a game night with friends. It will be something that they maybe haven’t thought of but will certainly be appreciated.

Picnic Basket

Help the couple keep their romance alive after they say their vows by giving them everything they need for a romantic picnic. After you select a basket big enough for plenty of snacks, add a picnic blanket, plates and silverware. Complete the gift by adding some inexpensive champagne flutes or wine glasses that can be used for toasting. This romantic gesture will not be lost on the happy couple.

Custom Bobblehead

Bride and groom bobbleheads from Webobble are sure to be the most unique gifts the couple receives on their wedding day. The bobbleheads can be customized to look just like the bride and groom, and they are sure to smile every time they see these unique mementos on display either at their work or as a fun coffee table topper.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment or accessories is a great gift for couples who enjoy getting active and spending time outdoors. You can tailor your gift to meet the specific needs of the couple. If they love camping, consider getting new sleeping bags or a two-person tent. Tennis players will love matching new rackets, and golfers will appreciate a new golf bag, balls or gloves. If the lovebirds prefer watching sports instead of playing, consider giving matching shirts and hats with their favorite team’s logo to help them support their teams.

Date Night Basket

Having regular dates is an important part of keeping the magic alive in marriage, but dates don’t always have to be elaborate or expensive. Encourage the couple to keep dating by creating an at-home date night basket. The possibilities are endless, so fill the basket with items like romantic movies, a bottle of wine, chocolate, popcorn, snacks, massage oil and card games.

Gift Certificates

If you’re searching for a gift that’s easy to mail, a gift certificate is a great choice. Instead of giving a gift card to a chain restaurant, consider a gift certificate for a fun activity. Mini golf, bowling and ice skating are great activities for the couple to enjoy together.

When you use one of these unique gift ideas, the couple will be encouraged to keep having fun together, and they are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Consider these options next time you are invited to a wedding.