6 Lavish Presents For Your High-End Husband

For a husband with everything, buying a gift can be difficult. Wives can spend a significant amount of time trying to find that perfect present. Ladies, don’t worry: there is a wide range of gift options! Gift ideas range from elite golf memberships and high-end accessories down to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Fly a Real Fighter Jet

If your husband thinks he should have been in “Top Gun”, then let him fly a real fighter jet. Air Combat U.S.A. offers the chance to fly a SIAI Marchetti SF260 fighter jet in a simulated dog fight. You do not have to have any experience to fly. The course comes with instructions on basic flight, combat maneuvers, and a video to record the flight. The basic course includes 5-6 combat engagements and costs $1,395. More information can be found at Aircombatusa.com.

6 Lavish Presents For Your High-End Husband

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Zanetti Wrist Watch

A high-end watch is another option for your husband. Zanetti, based in Italy, manufactures luxury watches. Zanetti offers a full range of watches including diving watches and a range unique watch face designs. Face designs include Japanese dragon themes, sky scenery themes, and golf themes. Each watch is hand crafted. Watch prices range from $3,000 up to $115,200. For a look at Zanetti’s full range of products go to shop.zannetti.it/hand-made-watches.

Smoker’s Delight

If your husband is a smoker, he may enjoy a good cigar sample. The Ultimate 90 Cigar Sampler from Thompson Cigar is a great choice. This sample pack comes with 16 cigars from well-known cigar companies such as Perdomo and Arturo Fuente. The cigar sample pack costs $83.95.

Pacific Links Golf Membership

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If your husband loves golf, then a golf membership is an ideal option. Pacific Links offers a golf membership, which gives your husband access to a wide range of courses across the United States and abroad. The Pacific Links membership also includes reciprocal membership in a host of courses not owned by Pacific Links.

The full memberships are broken down by diamond, ruby and basic memberships. The diamond and ruby members have access to several more ranges than the basic memberships. The diamond membership cost is $50,000 for the first member, ruby membership costs $13,500 for the first member and the basic membership costs $5,000. For details visit www.Pacificlinks.com.

Be a Bacon Aficionado

Guys love quality bacon. Loveless Cafe, in Nashville, TN, offers a bacon sampler pack. The bacon is smoked and cured in the old-country style. The sample pack offers one pound packs of Apple Wood Smoked, Cajun and Jalapeno, and Peppered bacon. The sampler costs $50.00. Their bacon was recommended on the Forbes Guy’s Christmas List in 2012. Search Loveless Cafe online for details.

65-Million-Year-Old Cufflinks

For the inner paleontologist, Tatteossian offers cufflinks with real fossilized dinosaur bone in them. The cuff links are $225 a pair. The bone fragments are inside a small rhodium plated box, which makes up the cuff. The fossils come from a 65 million year old Edmontosaurus. Go to www.Tateossian.com to see it for yourself.

These gifts cover a wide range of interests. Each item is luxurious in its own right. Just figure out what gift suites him best. Even for the guy who has “everything”, there should be something above to make him smile for any occasion.