7 Apps You Should Be Using To Track Your Family’s Medical History

There are tons of apps out there for Android and iPhone platforms. A lot of them are useless time wasters, but some are actually pretty incredible and useful. Any app you can use to track your family’s medical history is one you should have installed. Having information about doctor appointments, allergies, and medical history questions at the touch of a button can help in a wide variety of situations. Here are some to consider.

7 Apps You Should Be Using To Track Your Family's Medical History

My Medical

My Medical is one of the most popular apps out there for tracking medical information. You can set up files for each family member, track blood pressure results and other vital signs, and even send emails to participating doctors. You can even sync doctor and lab appointments between My Medical and your calendar.

Capzule PHR

Capzule PHR works in a manner similar to My Medical and works on any iOS platform. You can use it to store information for different family members, to document allergies, or to track medications. You can track your appointment dates here as well.

Child Medical History

Child Medical History is a great app for parents, especially for those with children with extensive histories. This app allows you to easily track vaccinations, tests, and allergies. It also allows you to track information pertinent to your child’s development, so it can be compared from visit to visit.

Autism Track

Autism Track is an excellent tool for the parents of children with autism, no matter where on the spectrum they are. The tool can help you to track developmental and behavioral symptoms and changes so they’re easy to remember, compare, and discuss with your doctor.

Glucose Buddy

Are you diabetic? Glucose Buddy will help you to track your most important daily statistics. You can use it to log and monitor your weight, carbohydrate intake, diet, exercise routines, and – of course – your glucose levels.

Period Tracker Deluxe

The ladies know how important it is to track their periods. This is especially important if you use family planning methods or if you have heavy, unusually long, or intermittent periods. You can use the app to help you plan or avoid pregnancy. It also includes a safe pin-password option to keep your info private when prying eyes have your phone in hand.

WebMD Pain Coach

Does someone in your household suffer from chronic pain? The WebMD Pain Coach app can help you to track levels of pain on a daily basis. It contains tons of informational articles and videos and offers tips for helping you to reduce your regular levels of pain.

Tracking your medical history and stats is important, whether you have high blood pressure, mood swings, ADHD, or any of a number of other ailments. The field of health IT (just search now for jobs and you’ll see how huge it’s becoming) is growing and people are learning to find ways to make it work for both the patient and the doctor. I guarantee there’s an app out there to help!