7 Critical Nutrients Every Woman Should Have in Her Diet

The nutritional needs of young girls are practically the same as for young boys. However, once a girl reaches adolescence, her body begins to change in ways that necessitate closer attention to the nutrients found in her diet. This only grows in importance as an adolescent girl moves through puberty, into womanhood, and then into later life. Every woman should have these seven critical nutrients in her diet:

Fiber. This nutritional supplement isn’t just for seniors who want to stay regular. A sufficient amount of fiber is a necessary part of any woman’s diet, as it helps lower the risk of a number of problematic health conditions that are common in women, including heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and diverticulosis.

Iron. Every month that you experience your menstrual cycle, you lose blood. While this should not be enough blood to cause immediate damage, it can deplete your system of iron (one of the main constituents of blood). Iron deficiency can lead to a variety of health concerns, so you should be conscientious of maintaining healthy iron levels in your everyday diet.

Folic acid. Also called folate, this nutrient is of special importance if you are in your child bearing years. Folic acid is instrumental to the development of your fetus, so it should be in your daily diet, even if you aren’t planning a pregnancy.

Calcium. Calcium is the element that gives your bones strength. Unfortunately, women experience gradual calcium depletion as they get older, getting much worse after menopause, and this can equate to significant bone loss over the course of a lifetime. Thin and brittle bones break easily, and have a difficult time carrying the weight of the body, so you can see why it is important that you retain as much calcium as possible.

Vitamin D. Women who are approaching, or going through, menopause, should be sure to get plenty of this nutrient. Vitamin D helps the bones absorb calcium so that you can retain bone mass and ward of osteoporosis.

Magnesium. This nutrient helps your body maintain healthy nerve and muscle functioning, and it is also helps keep your immune system strong and your heart healthy. Heart disease is a leading killer for women, so magnesium should be a part of your diet.

B-complex vitamins. Want to keep your skin, hair, and nails as healthy as possible? Of course you do! B-complex vitamins should be included in your diet supplement plan.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, as a woman you will need to maintain a healthy level of all of these nutrients.  If you don’t feel you get enough in the foods you eat, then you should consider taking vitamin supplements to ensure you are getting what you need. If you’re not sure where to find quality vitamins, check this out. And don’t forget – talk to your doctor if you’re not sure what you really need.