7 Health Benefits Of Using Soft Water

Soft water removes calcium and other minerals. Soft water is useful in cleaning clothes as it effectively allows laundry detergent to work inside clothing fibers to release ground in dirt and other stains. However, soft water has many health benefits because of its softening properties.

Cleaner Skin

Soft water allows the skin to be cleansed better than hard water. The minerals in hard water combines with soap and other substances to create a sludge. Hard water does not allow the skin to be cleansed as efficiently of oils, dirt and other contaminants. Hard water has a number of minerals in it that does not allow skin care products to work on skin.

Softer Skin

According to Kinetico Utah, specialists in water softener service in Utah, soft water has many additional benefits as well. Depending upon the city one lives in, a person could experience phenomenal results. Because hard water does not effectively rinse the skin of contaminants the soap used on the skin, soap and other type of residue is left behind. This causes the skin to be especially dry. While it does not appear to be a big issue on the surface, dry skin disturbs skin integrity making it more susceptible to skin diseases, which can ultimately affect the body. People are less likely to suffer from eczema and other skin rashes when they use soft water.

7 Health Benefits Of Using Soft Water


Because the skin can be cleaned more efficiently and there is less residue left behind, there is less chance for each of the skin’s pores to become clogged with these substances. Pores are more likely to rid of their contents naturally. Regular water has an approximate pH balance of 7, which has a higher amount of alkaline than what is present on human skin. This can lead to acne.

Softer Hair

Because soft water removes calcium, magnesium and, in some cases, iron, shampoo suds up more. Depending upon the shampoo used, this form of cleansing is more thorough. It is advisable to use a sparing amount of shampoo with soft water. Each hair follicle is effectively cleaned, and each strand of hair grows healthier and stronger.

Less Dandruff

Dandruff can be caused by a variety of reasons. It can occur when because the scalp is not properly cleaned, or it can occur because the scalp is dry. Since soft water helps the hair and scalp to be thoroughly cleaned, residue is not left on the scalp to irritate it.

Healthier Mouth

To make water soft, sodium is added to it. It has long been advised to swish warm salt water in the mouth to rid the mouth of bacteria. Soft water leads to a cleaner mouth, which assists in avoiding cavities and other oral problems.

Faster Healing

In addition to the mouth being rid of bacteria, the skin also experiences the same effects. Also, sodium is helpful in killing bacteria within cuts and other wounds to encourage healing. It further encourages healing because it helps assist with better skin integrity.