7 Incredible Father’s Day Gifts for Professional Chefs

Father’s Day is just around the corner, leaving many to scramble for special Father’s Day gifts. If you’re shopping for a professional chef, then there are many incredible gifts that will show him just how special he is to you. Here are some ideas:

Signed cook book. If your chef has a favorite cook book or celebrity chef, then you should look into getting a signed cook book. Search ebay for this type of keepsake, which your chef is sure to love for years to come.

Cooking class. As any chef will tell you, the learning never stops, and it is likely that your chef craves the chance to explore new cooking styles, trends, and flavors. You can treat your special chef to some inspiration and mental stimulation by enrolling him in a cooking class for experienced chefs. You might have to do some digging to find a suitable experience; inquire with local culinary schools and/or your chef’s favorite restaurant for ideas.

Dinner out (or in). Your chef is accustomed to preparing dinner for everyone else. For Father’s Day, you can turn the tables and treat him to dinner out (or in, depending on your comfort level). For an extra special treat, have the kids prepare dad’s favorite dessert.

Food. Chances are there are some dream food items that are either too expensive or too rare to cook with often. Gift your chef any of the following for a very special cooking (and dining) experience: fine wine, aged balsamico, caviar, varietal chocolates, smoked salmon, Minus 8 vinegar, high quality nuts, or white truffles.

Digital camera. Every chef loves to experiment with creating new flavor profiles, and every new and tasty dish is picture (and brag) worthy. Give your chef a digital camera for Father’s Day, so that he can document his artistic creations and share them with others.

Appliances or Supplies. What are you chef’s special interests? Chances are he’d love to have a new appliance to add to his kitchen (and cooking prowess). There are so many specialty appliances to choose from that you are really only limited by your imagination. Consider a yogurt maker, juicer, anti-griddle, smoker, cold cut slicer, or meat grinder for starters. He might even enjoy a new kitchen jacket from a high-quality site like ChefWorks.

Knife set. Or, even just a knife can be a great Father’s Day gift for your chef, depending on how fancy the knife is. Having great knives to work with is tantamount to efficient and precise meal preparation, so this is one gift your chef is sure to use on a regular basis.

There really is no limit to the variety of gifts that might be great for your special chef this Father’s Day. Consider his unique personality and choose a gift that is thoughtful, as well as it is useful.