7 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary

If your wedding anniversary is coming up, this is a good time to start looking for the perfect gift to celebrate this milestone. The number of years you have been together do not matter as every anniversary is a chance to rekindle your love and show your appreciation for your partner. This special occasion is a time when you can express your feelings and recommit to the vows you took with your spouse.

There is a traditional list of gifts that include, paper for the 1st anniversary and tin for your 10th anniversary, that is not very inspiring. There are no rules cast in stone but if you want an impressive gift, you could go for jewelry. There are multiple jewelry gift ideas available from which you can always find something that your spouse would love. You can use this as an opportunity to upgrade the engagement ring, similar to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. You could do this by selecting semi mount engagement rings, which you can complete with a different gemstone each year.

7 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary

The jewelry gift you should must carry some special meaning and the best way to achieve this is through customization. While finding the perfect anniversary jewelry gift is not easy, in this article you will find jewelry gift ideas to guide you. Read on.

1. Your 1st Anniversary

The first anniversary will come up before you know it. Your first year of marriage is the beginning of a learning curve and before you know it, you will be hitting the stores for a gift. Gold jewelry works perfectly at this point because it is affordable and readily available. You may still have wedding expenses to cope with but you still want to express your love and hence gold cufflinks or a bracelet for the husband will do while a gold necklace or earrings for the lady will work magic. A gold piece symbolizes eternity, perfection, unification and vitality, which is exactly what you want in your marriage.

2. Your 5th Anniversary

Now, five years is a long period and hence this anniversary calls for a more elaborate celebration. Your marriage has matured and you probably have kids, a home, and other investments. The best jewelry to choose for a gift idea is sapphire as it symbolizes loyalty and integrity. You can choose from among Sapphire pendants, earrings and rings or if you want a glamorous gift for your partner, a Pink Tourmaline Necklace will do the trick. A stunning masculine ring for the man will work well to polish his look.

3. The 10th Anniversary

If five years in marriage call for a celebration, then ten years deserve an even more glamorous and elegant gift to celebrate it. The jewelry associated with the 10th wedding anniversary is diamond, which symbolizes long-lasting love and devotion. The beauty, sparkle, brilliance and durability of diamond jewelry will serve as a reminder for the long time of the devotion you have for each other. For the lady, diamond stud earrings will do the trick or you can opt to upgrade her diamond in her engagement ring. Other 10th anniversary gifts include tennis bracelets or stunning diamond pendants. For men, a beautiful diamond studded watch will express your undying love.

4. For The 20th Anniversary

After 20 years of marriage, you need to mark this milestone in style. When it comes to gifts, emerald jewelry will do the trick. They have come to symbolize rebirth and for any couple, the twentieth wedding anniversary will require the good tidings of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Emeralds are associated with the goddess Venus and they bring the wearer good fortune, foresight, and youth, which are welcome at this stage. Go for emerald gifts such as Emerald rings, pendants or earrings. Any piece adorned with this gem would do for the man.

5. The 25th Anniversary

To commemorate your eternal romance, you can choose shimmering silver pieces. While silver-toned jewelry work well for this anniversary, you can also opt for a diamond anniversary band in white gold or platinum.

6. The 50th Anniversary

For your 50th wedding anniversary, you can never go wrong with gold. By this point, your gold wedding bands may have faded, and they need reworking. It is easier to go for a completely new gold set of wedding bands. It is a chance to celebrate your union in style as you renew your vows. By doing so, you will also preserve the old rings for future generations by making them part of your family heirloom.

7. Other Incredible Anniversary Jewelry Gifts

There is no limit to the jewelry gift ideas to celebrate your love. For instance, many couples opt to customize their jewelry gifts to come up with unique pieces such as:

  1. An engraved locket with a picture of the couple inside a ring with the birthstone of the wedding month
  2. Customized jewelry with motifs like the Infinity symbol
  3. Jewelry containing your spouse’s favorite stone, rubies to celebrate 15 years and 40 years of marriage, pearls to celebrate 30 years of marriage and many other options

To find the best jewelry gift ideas for your anniversary, make sure you understand what type of jewelry your spouse loves. Go for something that carries meaning and always buy from an experienced and reputable jeweler. You should also think outside the box and allow your creative juices to flow when customizing an anniversary jewelry gift. Do not be encumbered by any rules as long as you mark the milestone in style.