7 Keys To Teaching Your Child To Drive Responsibly

Rogers Bussey Lawyers have seen children drivers at their best and at their worst. Help our children make a safer transition from street bikes to freeway driving, while gaining a little peace of mind by using these handy 7 keys to teaching your child to drive responsibly:

Be Supportive

Long before children get behind the wheel begin an ongoing conversation about safe driving examples. You can even illustrate examples from when you were young and made safe driving decisions of your own.

Lead by Example

Visual examples of our own responsible driving habits come first, second and always. You wouldn’t want your child hauling down the freeway at 90 miles per hour, so make sure you don’t fly down the freeway at record speeds- especially with your children in the car. Not only is this an obvious safety hazard, but it sets a horrible example for your child.

Earning Potential

Learning how to change a tire or fill up the gas tank before legal driving age helps children see there is more to driving than pushing the pedal to the metal. The more familiar your child is with cars in general, the better equipped they’ll be to take proper safety measures when hitting the road.

7 Keys To Teaching Your Child To Drive Responsibly

Establish Boundaries

Set specific local boundaries which are safest to drive in, as well as specific hours of car operation. Night time driving specifically can pose safety risks to new drivers. Many drivers, even those with good eye site find night time driving to be challenging.

Practice Ahead

Go over all car features with child several times before and after legal driving age.  Even you’re your child is young, you can familiarize them with the gear shift, clutch, hazard lights, odometer, etc.

Hi-Lite Safety 

Safety is paramount to safe and responsible driving. From seat belts to over-crowding passengers, make safety measures a priority.

Above All

The importance of mutual trust is a two-way street. Encourage responsibility through trust.

Making good choices makes all the difference. It’s never too late to choose leading by example as the most effective teaching methods.