8 Design Ideas To Make Your Apartment Look Like A Home

Living in an apartment that isn’t aesthetically pleasing to your senses is depressing, especially if you spend a lot of your time in it. And you can forget about inviting guests over for dinner parties or hosting a family get-together during the holidays. If you want to transform your dull apartment into an exciting home, consider implementing these eight design ideas.

Add a Rug to Your Living Room

8 Design Ideas To Make Your Apartment Look Like A Home
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Adding a rug to your living room helps to open it up and make it feel like it’s bigger than it is, which is convenient if you live in a smaller apartment. Rugs also come in many different styles and sizes, providing you with flexibility as far as how you want to design your living room area. Another great reason to add a rug to your living room is that provides an extra space where you can sit or lie down.

Hang Curtains

White, plastic blinds aren’t only boring, but some styles can go as far as depressing you. Like rugs, curtains come in many different styles and compliment any room in your apartment. Not only that, but they help you save money by keeping the sun’s heat out of your apartment during the summer and keeping it in during the winter. When coupled with the right rug, your curtains will stand out.

Make Use of Your Walls

There’s nothing duller in an apartment than an empty white wall. If you’re not going to paint it a different color to contrast your furniture, the least you can do is hang some artwork and pictures to add some character to your apartment. Not only is this a great way to fill your dull walls with something interesting, but it’s also an excuse to showcase some of your better photos for guests to admire.

Consider Seating Arrangements

If you plan on inviting and hosting guests at your apartment, you’ll want to have plenty of comfortable seating options available to them so they don’t end up standing around and complaining. Although a couch might be sufficient for you, you’ll want to add some recliners and additional chairs. The more options you have available, the more comfortable people will be when they step foot in your apartment.

Think About Entertainment Options

Whether it’s for yourself or for your guests, you need entertainment options if you want your apartment to feel like home. The traditional options are TV’s, DVD players, and gaming consoles, but don’t forget a nice stereo that fills your home with music, or even some live instruments that will attract people to get up and try their hand at playing a song.

Don’t Shy Away From Using Color

Decorating and designing your apartment with 10 different colors is a sure way to cause people to have seizures when they enter your humble abode. While you want the colors highlighted in your apartment to express your personality and offer different moods, you don’t want to get crazy with it. In other words, don’t shy away from using color doesn’t mean go overboard with it in an erratic way.

Work From a Specific Theme

Much like colors, you want to have a specific theme throughout your apartment. If you go overboard and use more than one theme per room, your apartment will come across as tacky as opposed to one with a comfortable atmosphere, like an apartment in Fullerton. Decide on one specific theme per room and stick to it. Once you pick a theme, it’ll be easier to choose what kind of furnishings and accessories you need to complete it.

Remember the Bathroom

Having a bare bathroom might not mean much, but sprucing it up definitely makes a difference. Not only will your mind appreciate it, but your guests will, too. There are plenty of ways to decorate your bathroom so it comes across as a comforting room, even if it’s just used to – well, you know.

Transforming your boring apartment into an exciting home isn’t hard. All it takes is a little inspiration and coordination to make it all come together. Once it’s done, though, you and anyone who visits will love it.