A Clearer Home For A Clearer Mental State

If you’re the kind of person who feels frequently stressed or has a cluttered mental state, it could be down to your surrounding area rather than something emotional. Being surrounded by mess or having items in undefined areas where they become lost can have a stressful effect on your own mood, and could be a link to any misplaced irritation you may feel. When your surrounding area is a mess or poorly organised, you can be left feeling as though it’s a chore that you’ve left unaccomplished.

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Make Sure You Have A Clear Out

The first step to creating more space in your home is the get rid of unnecessary things that you don’t need or use anymore. This can be easier said than done, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to horde items that have a lot of sentimental value to you.

  • Give Away – There are those who aren’t fortunate enough to have the selection of clothes that you may have, so those extra clothes that you don’t wear or don’t fit you anymore can be given to a worthy cause and will give you something to feel good about. Dropping any items at a charity store is another way of giving back and assuring something good comes from the parting of items you find hard to let go of.
  • Sell Your Stuff – Another way to help you part with your belongings is to sell them either on sites such as eBay or to take part in a car boot sale to make some quick cash.
  • Take Photographs – If there are a few sentimental items that get in the way or spend their times stored away where no one sees them, taking a picture of them beforehand can make them easier to let go of and give you something to look at when you’re feeling nostalgic for them.

Storage Boxes Are A God Send

Storing your items properly will not only keep your things organised, but also clear some space in your living areas. Women will particularly appreciate the organisational benefits of having storage for beauty supplies like makeup and appliances. Fortunately there are plenty of beauty cases on the market that are designed to be pleasing to the eye and keep your things organised.

Doubled Up Usefulness

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For a huge saver of space, make sure your furniture has lots of storage space included in its design. Plenty of sofas and beds come with built in drawers, but using other furniture like bookshelves as side tables for sofas or beds will be just as useful.

Putting storage like shelves in the blindspots such as above doorways can give you more places to put things away without being an eyesore.

Stay Modern And Stay Tidy!

Fortunately as technology advances we see our household items getting smaller and smaller so that appliances like washing machines and fridges can be much more compact. This can be improved upon still as many appliances can be stacked up to save even more space around the house.

It can be easy to fall back on bad habits and let things get cluttered again. In order to nip this in the bud, move furniture around into a new layout. The change will give you a fresh start where new habits of staying clutter free and seeing this reflected in your own mental state.

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Charlie Gains loves helping people keep their homes in order to ensure a more positive mental attitude.