A Guide To The Main Reasons Why People Opt For Temporary Respite Care

The decision to seek respite care is often a difficult one. The carer often feels guilty if they take a step back from doing their usual duty for their friend or loved one and, at the same time, there are a number of things to consider for the person who is being cared for.
A Guide To The Main Reasons Why People Opt For Temporary Respite Care
Here, I discuss some of the main reasons people opt for temporary respite care.

A Stepping Stone

The decision to go into full time care is one that is not taken lightly. If you are looking at going into care yourself or debating whether now is the time to put your elderly friend or relative into care, temporary respite care can be a good stepping stone to aid your decision one way or another.

There is no long term commitment by looking into short term care, but the person going in to care can judge whether they are truly ready to move into a full time care environment.

Care at Home

Temporary respite care, or any form of care for that matter – with the exception of residential care which specifically refers to the care offered at a care home – does not have to involve moving into a care home.

There are also options available for a carer to be sent in to a person’s place of residence if they prefer.

This is obviously of benefit to the person being cared for as they have the familiarity of home and also the advantages of having a trained professional come in to take care of them.

A Middle Ground

Temporary respite care doesn’t even have to be about going into a home or having someone come to yours or the vulnerable person you take care of.

It can also be a helpful middle ground for people who are maybe in need of intermediate care, maybe following a period of treatment in hospital.

This can be a great way for the person in need of care to receive support a little more comprehensively than you can possibly provide them, at least until they get back on their feet as it were.

A Brief Respite

Of course, respite care is all about giving a helping hand to the carer and person they are caring for, so, if nothing else, temporary respite care offers the carer a chance to have a break away from their duty – this can often include trips away together with the person they are caring for, or simply through the provision of care through one of means already described in this blog.

Louisa Jenkins is a care specialist who offers people and carers advice on topics including temporary respite care services and other forms of care available in the UK.